The FX Impact is an air rifle that can be described as the re-definition of airguns. Innovative, powerful, reliable and above all: extremely accurate. Coming in many different guises, this air rifle is at the top of its game in many shooting disciplines. Whether it’s sport shooting or hunting, an FX Impact delivers and impresses.

Without a doubt, the FX Impact has redrawn the blueprints of what an air rifle looks like, feels like and most importantly, the air rifle has pushed the performance past levels that seemed to be set in stone for ages. This extremely accurate PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) airgun is built according to the vision of airgun enthusiast and technical wizard Fredrik Axelsson. The Swedish inventor and founder of FX Airguns doesn’t finetune exiting concepts, but rather takes a problem or goal and starts drawing from scratch, incorporating his own insights and technical knowledge to reach his own solutions.

This has resulted in refreshingly new technology and a thriving brand of which the FX Impact is definitely the flagship. It’s a modular airgun design that offers unbeatable accuracy and versatility. But don’t think FX Airguns has been resting on its laurels after introducing the FX Impact, as the Impact is under constant development and several new generations have been introduced since. And, of course, FX Airguns offers the FX Impact in different guises. Besides the standard FX Impact, there’s a compact version, a big bore sniper with long barrel, et cetera.

The beauty of it all, is that owners can upgrade their old FX Impact with the parts that are developed by FX Airguns for a new generation and the variants that they come in.

So, when you own an FX Impact, you can most often keep it up-to-date with the latest technology. You can do this yourself or trust our specialists, to whom the FX Impact knows no secrets, to do a perfect job for you.

So, what makes an FX Impact just thát special?
Well, for instance, an FX Impact is multi-adjustable. And without tools we’d like to mention. Making it fit for purpose in virtually every sport shooting discipline as well as for serious hunting. FX Airguns describes this versatile adjustability as the Quick Tune System. By adjusting the hammer spring preload (power adjuster), the valve adjuster and the two regulators, you can adjust the power and the way it will be delivered. You can even change calibre and twist rate.

And lest we forget the phenomenal accuracy that has made the FX Impact legendary; it’s not only the quality and balance that makes an FX Impact shoot like a laser, it’s also the well thought layout of the air rifle. Take the hammer, for example. Most PCP airguns have the hammer placed below the cheek piece, but the FX Impact has the hammer placed way further forward. This results in significantly less vibrations near your head. It’s small things like these that lift the FX Impact to an admirable level. Below, we’ll highlight some more of them.

Power Plenum

One of the specific characteristics of the FX Impact is its large plenum. More air means more thrust and this makes the FX Impact suitable for slugs too. It’s more air efficient too.

Power Wheels

The hammer spring preload of the FX Impact can be adjusted with two adjustment options. One is a wheel for macro adjustment in sixteen steps of 1.4 to 4.6 m/s (4.5 to 15.1 fps), depending on the chosen calibre. There’s also a micro adjustment for finetuning in steps of 0.3 to 0.6 m/s (1 to 2 fps).

Dual Regulator

The first regulator that the compressed air from the reservoir passes lowers the pressure for the second regulator on the FX Impact. This results in even more accurate adjustability and consistency, which shows in a uniform pressure for every shot.

Dual Transfer Port

Calibres smaller than 7.62 mm (.30) feature a transfer port with two opposite holes. One is suitable for firing pellets and when you rotate the transfer port 180 degrees, a bigger hole can be used. The less restrictive airflow of the bigger hole enables you to use heavier ammunition like slugs.

Superior liner

Not a conventional barrel, but a barrel with an interchangeable liner. The liner features rifling that’s pressed in from the outside, making for a very smooth bore with minimal drag and an improved sealing around the pellet or slug.

Ergonomische spanhendel

The FX Impact cocking lever has a practical short stroke that enables you to cock with a minimum of movement. The knob at the end is big enough to help you coordinate your movements in an intuitive manner.

  1. Tensioner kit FX Impact 700 mm without Front Support
    Tensioner kit FX Impact 700 mm without Front Support
    Regular Price 68.29 Special Price 59.47
  2. Mounting rail Kraford & Lypt FX Impact GigaRail
    Mounting rail Kraford & Lypt FX Impact GigaRail
    Regular Price 342.75 Special Price 219.40
  3. Mounting rail Kraford & Lypt FX Impact Range Extender
    Mounting rail Kraford & Lypt FX Impact Range Extender
    Regular Price 342.75 Special Price 254.64
  4. Safety Flag Kraford & Lypt for FX Impact
    Safety Flag Kraford & Lypt for FX Impact
    Regular Price 43.61 Special Price 34.80
  5. Accessory rail Kraford & Lypt Long Gen3
    Accessory rail Kraford & Lypt Long Gen3 for FX Impact
    Regular Price 198.25 Special Price 154.19
  6. Plenum Cover Kraford & Lypt FX Impact MKI
    Plenum Cover Kraford & Lypt FX Impact MKI
    Regular Price 41.37 As low as 35.20
  7. Accessory rail Kraford & Lypt Long Gen2
    Accessory rail Kraford & Lypt Long Gen2 for FX Impact
    Regular Price 145.38 Special Price 104.85
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