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Anyone looking for optics for his or her airsoft replica comes to the right place at Krale. Both online at Krale.shop as in our store, we offer a large variety of airsoft optics. When you mention airsoft optics, the first thing you think about is a rifle scope, but there’s so much to it than that. Airsoft optics can be put in three categories:

  1. Aiming: for this you use a rifle scope, but a red dot will also be very usable as is -in dark area’s- a laser.
  2. Lighting: some lasers come combined with a (stroboscopic) light. Mounted on your airsoft replica, this can offer you a great advantage in the dark.
  3. Observe: good binoculars are a must when observing from a distance. It’s better to gather information, than storm in without some knowledge about the situation. Action cams also fit this category, because you can learn a lot from analysing. Having said that, we understand some footage is also just fun to share online.

Of course, airsoft optics also mean things like smartphone adapters, mounts and mounting rails with which you firmly attach your optics to your airsoft replica. It is often forgotten, but as the nature of airsoft differs from hunting or sport shooting, it’s very advisable to mount a scope protector in front of your rifle scope or red dot. This simple transparent little screen can prevent damage to the lens when BB’s are fired at it directly.

Airsoft optics: let our specialists advice you

There’s much to tell about airsoft optics and the offering is big, so please don’t hesitate to pay us a visit to see and compare. Our showroom has a wide view outside, ideal for example to test rifle scopes. You’re also very welcome to ask your questions by phone or e-mail.