Reloading media

Reloading media is available in different types, where we distinguish between media for dry tumbling and for wet tumbling of used cases. Reloading media can be bought in several quantities and is re-useable for multiple cleaning sessions. Read more


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  1. Media Frankford Arsenal Walnut
    In stock
    Media Frankford Arsenal Walnut
  2. Media Frankford Arsenal Stainless Steel 2 lbs
    In stock
    Media Frankford Arsenal Stainless Steel 2 lbs
  3. Cleaning Packs Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series 24 pcs
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    Cleaning Packs Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series 24 pcs
  4. Stainless Steel Media Pins Frankford Arsenal 5 lbs
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    Stainless Steel Media Pins Frankford Arsenal 5 lbs
  5. Media RCBS Corn Cob Formula 2
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    Media RCBS Corn Cob Formula 2


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What is reloading media?

Reloading media consists of abrasive parts that’ll clean up contaminated used cases. While doing that, the brass of the cases remains unaffected. Some reloading media is used wet, other media is used dry, but more about that in a minute.

Reloading media and used cases are put together inside a case tumbler and then it’s just a case (…) of letting it all tumble for a while. The abrasive action of the reloading media between the cases and the weight of the cases themselves will get rid of tarnish and residue. After tumbling, the reloading media is separated from the cases in a case tumbler and reused or (after a prolonged period of use) discarded.

Some reloading media are already mixed with a polishing compound, while others are just basic media to which a polishing compound can be added if required.

Which reloading media can I choose from?

For dry tumbling of your cases in a vibratory case tumbler, there are two types of reloading media that can be used. Your options will be corn hob or walnut.

  • Corn hob – is the dried and ground core of a corn hob. The substance is perfect for lightly tarnished cases and has the best polishing properties of all reloading media. Cases will come out shining brightly. Due to being quite soft and light, corn hob will be most effective on the outside of the cases.
  • Walnut – is ground walnut shell. The hard material is very effective on heavily tarnished cases, as it’s both harder and has sharper edges. The polishing properties are less than with corn hob, but walnut does a better job with heavy contamination. Again, this type of media is mainly effective for the outside of the cases.

Wet tumbling is also an option, for this you’ll need a rotary case tumbler. You now use stainless steel media, water, a solvent agent and a polishing compound. Stainless reloading media is made from hard 304 stainless steel, which is reusable virtually forever. It has the advantage that both the inside and the outside of the cases are thoroughly cleaned. The stainless steel media itself has no polishing qualities.

Buying reloading media

We’ve got all popular types of reloading media in stock, both in our physical shop and in our online shop. If you’re in doubt which reloading media will be best for your specific situation, needs and preferences, please feel free to ask our experts for advice.

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