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  1. Ammunition Magtech Standard Velocity .22 LR RN 40 grain
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    Ammunition Magtech Standard Velocity .22 LR RN 40 grain


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Hunting ammunition

Ammunition takes a different place in hunting than for example sport shooting. Of course, there are more similarities than there are differences, but where sport shooting just needs precision and a clean combustion, in hunting penetration, impact and bullet trajectory are also important choices when it comes to choosing ammunition.

  • Precision: the more precise your ammunition, the smaller the grouping on your target. It may sound strange, but this is of more importance at sport shooting as with hunting, the target area is usually much bigger.
  • Clean combustion: the cleaner the combustion of your ammunition, the less gunpowder residue is left in your weapon. This improves the lifespan of your weapon, but also gives a greater consistency.
  • Penetration: ammunition that provides a high penetration of the bullet, enhances your chances of a full-through shot.
  • Impact: ammunition which offers great deformation, i.e. expansion of the bullet, has a larger impact caused by a big energy transfer.
  • Bullet trajectory: when shooting at different distances, ammunition offering a relatively flat trajectory is very convenient. The flatter the trajectory, the less bullet drop you have. This means less critical adjustments to your sights or rifle scope.
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