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In our store and webshop you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to shooting clothing. Shooting clothing is a very important addition to the gear of the sport shooter that will help to maintain the perfect shooting stance and give helpful support. When talking shooting clothing or shooting gear, we talk about both actual shooting clothing as shooting aids.

Shooting clothing

The most used piece of shooting clothing is the shooting jacket. The shooting jacket can be adjusted in many ways and provides support to your torso to keep your stance as straight up as possible and provide the best stability for a good aim. Special parts provide extra grip for your rifle. A shooting jacket not only offers support but also adds comfort when in shooting stance, which helps your muscles to relax a bit. The same things also apply for shooting pants that provides extra support around the hips and lower torso.

Shooting clothing that will help you in terms of comfort and thus a relaxed shooting stance is called shooting underwear. It will regulate your body heat and transfer moisture, while a tight fit makes you feel comfortable. The seams are often designed to be in places that are non-irritating.

And finally, there’s also shooting clothing for your hands and feet. Shooting gloves will provide a perfect grip while regulating temperature and moisture. They will also protect your hands from so-called ‘slide bites’. Shooting boots (or shoes) are specially designed to offer a stable platform with plenty of support. For this reason, the soles are often quite wide.

Shooting aids

And we’re not here yet as there’s still more to help you with your stance. Kneeling rolls, for example, provide support for your foot and heel and shooting caps will prevent light glaring in your eyes. We also provide headbands that can hold discs to block the view of your non-aiming eye and lest we forget the shooting glasses. Some come with interchangeable coloured lenses and others also feature blinding discs and/or adjustable lenses.

And last but not least is an item that is perhaps the most used piece of shooting clothing in sport shooting; the shooting sling. The shooting sling can be worn in a loop around your upper arm and some can even be attached to your shooting jacket. Shooting slings prevent fatigue in your muscles by taking up some of the tension, making for a more relaxed arm.