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1 - 32 of 762


The enormous diversity in gun accessories within the walls of Krale BV is huge and the great thing is that everything can easily be ordered online. Instead of asking what gun accessories we’ve got, it’s probably quicker to ask what we don’t have…

We divided our gun accessories into three categories:

  • Support
  • Sights & accessories
  • Other


The category support contains gun accessories such as bipods, hand stops and palm rests, but it doesn’t stop there as we also stock bench rest wedges, butt plates, gun slings, complete stocks et cetera.

Sights & accessories

Because rifle scopes are such a specific segment, they can be found under the header ‘optics’ elsewhere in this web shop, but all other aiming aids can be found here as gun accessories. If it’s an open sight, dioptre or aperture you’re looking for or sight blocks, sight extensions and iris discs, you’ll surely find what you need.


Other gun accessories; it sounds a bit vague but simply said these are all the gun accessories that don’t have anything to do with support or aiming of the gun such as moderators, muzzle brakes, pressure gauges, regulators, magazines, air cylinders and -of course- tuning kits.

Advice and mounting

We can imagine many of you know exactly what you want, but also many of you getting a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of available gun accessories. Or maybe you bump into a certain problem while shooting and don’t exactly know how to tackle it. In that case our specialists can give you sensible advice which gun accessories can take your gun to another level and enhance the joy you have while shooting.