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Airsoft replicas can be bought online at Krale.shop or in our store where you can test and feel them for yourself. Airsoft replicas are also known as airsoft guns or BB guns and they are used in the following disciplines:

  • Skirm; in this you play team against team in a gameplay.
  • IAPS (parcourse); a parcourse with targets has to be taken as quickly and precise possible, comparable to IPSC.
  • Target; precision is key when shooting on a paper target.
  • Speedsoft: man to man in high speed action.

On top of that, there are airsoft replicas, licenced by gun manufacturers, that are so realistic they can’t be distinguished from the real thing, making them desired objects for collectors, displaying them in a collection.

With airsoft replicas, BB’s are fired; plastic balls with a certain diameter. For this, different power sources are used. Most common are the AEG’s (Airsoft Electric Gun) with an electrical firing mechanism. For this, different batteries and battery chargers are for sale. Besides that, there are air powered airsoft replica’s on CO2 capsules, specific Gas-fillings and HPA (High Pressure Air) also simply known as compressed air. In some cases an airsoft replica can be powered with a spring.

Airsoft replica advice

If you’re looking for an airsoft replica but don’t know which one to choose, our airsoft specialists at Krale can offer you well-informed advice which replica suits your needs best. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail us any questions you have or contact us by phone. Of course, our airsoft specialists are at your service in our store to give you one on one advice.