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In our store we have a wide range of small calibre carbines in all price-ranges and we aim to offer the best possible quality in each range. Almost every model that’s for sale in our webshop actually hangs on the wall in our store so if you happen to be near you can see and feel the differences for yourself to make a carefully considered buy.

Small bore carbines are often used for hunting small game as crows and rabbits, but also for harmful game such as geese. They offer the following advantages:

  • Much quieter than big bore rifles
  • Cheaper ammunition than larger calibres
  • Less recoil than a big bore rifle, which is important when shooting a lot
  • Small game will still be intact after the shot

Most small bore carbines feature a single shot bolt action with a traditional rotating bolt and mostly they have a magazine that makes for quick loading, although there are still some examples that need to be loaded manually. A second system that is used is the semi-automatic small bore carbines. More often than not, rimfire ammunition is used.

Fitting advice

If, in your search for a small bore carbine, you happen to have any questions or are you looking for something specific or something special, please ask our specialists for information. They can also tell you a lot about the different types of ammunition and our gunsmiths are well capable of transforming a small bore carbine into a carbine that’s perfectly adapted to your body, shooting position and special wishes.