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Maintenance to your hunting rifle is as important as it is often neglected. It´s more than just dry the gun after a wet day to prevent rusting and wiping of the dirt to prevent scratches, abrasion and pre-mature wear.

Powder residue for example, also needs to be removed as soon as possible from both barrel/bore as action/chamber. The residue attracts water and acts very corrosive as a result. Even your fingerprints can be acid enough to cause corrosion.

So it’s of utter importance to put some maintenance into your air rifle by not only dry and clean it well, but also conserve and lubricate. Regular maintenance, however quickly it is done, is better then periodic maintenance. We also want to point out that a thin layer of protective oil is more than enough to protect bare metal from corrosion and lube. Too much is, well… too much with oil running to parts you don’t want it to go such as the wood of your stock for example or gathering in the action of your rifle.

Maintenance is a simple process. Firstly make sure your hunting rifle dry and clean, then remove residue and grease with cleaning agents and conserve with appropriate products. We’d like to add that a rifle scope can be cleaned and conserved, but please note lenses can only be treated with special lens cleaning fluids that won’t damage the coatings.

What maintenance products does Krale offer?

For maintenance on your hunting rifle, we offer products in three categories:

  • Tools: of course this includes tools to take your hunting rifle apart for maintenance, but also service boxes, cleaning rods, bore guides, cleaning rod adapters and cleaning brushes. We can also supply cleaning wicks, cleaning patches, cleaning pellets and cleaning kits.
  • Cleaning fluids: this can be degreasers, but also bore cleaners that dissolve powder or lead residue.
  • Conservation & lubing: oil will protect bare steel from corrosion and acts as a lube, grease provides long standing internal lubrication and stock oil will keep your stock in superb condition.