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  1. Tokyo Marui Saiga 12K
    In stock
    Tokyo Marui Saiga 12K
  2. Tokyo Marui KSG right
    In stock
    Tokyo Marui KSG
  3. Tokyo Marui SGR-12
    In stock
    Tokyo Marui SGR-12
    Regular Price 614.31 Special Price 552.88
  4. Golden Eagle M8874
    Temporarily out of stock
    Golden Eagle M8874
  5. Golden Eagle M8876
    Temporarily out of stock
    Golden Eagle M8876
  6. Golden Eagle M8870 RW
    Temporarily out of stock
    Golden Eagle M8870 RW
  7. Golden Eagle M8875
    Temporarily out of stock
    Golden Eagle M8875


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Airsoft shotguns

At Krale, we offer a large assortment of airsoft shotguns, both online as in our Staphorst based store. Shotguns are airsoft replicas that hold their own place in the airsoft sport. They don’t have the reach of an airsoft rifle or pistol but because multiple BB’s are fired at the same time, shotguns offer the advantage of having a widespread of BB’s which can be compared to the spread of shot from a hunting shotgun. This makes the chance of a hit bigger without losing the time it takes to aim perfectly. All things said above mean the airsoft shotgun is mainly suitable in CQB (Close Quarter Battle) as in short distance use where time and speed are of the essence.

Airsoft shotguns can feature a single barrel from which in one shot several BB’s can be fired, but most common are multiple barrels that fire BB’s at the same time. The advantage of having more barrels is a wider spread in BB’s, making the chance of a hit significantly bigger.

Shotgun magazines for airsoft are most often designed as a shotgun shell, making for a very realistic effect. The advantage over a real shell is obvious; you can shoot more than once and the magazine/shell can simply be refilled.

Very common are airsoft shotguns that use a spring as power source. The spring can be compressed with a pumping action of the front grip. Also available are shotguns with Gas as a power source. These can cost a bit more, but have the advantage that cocking is much lighter, meaning shooting action will be significantly quicker.

Always free advice

Of course we always try to provide as much useful information in our online store as we can for you to make a well-informed purchase from our airsoft shotgun offerings. Although you are more than welcome to visit our special airsoft floor in our Staphorst based store if you happen to be in the Netherlands where our specialists will gladly advise you and help you with your choice, we understand your purchase will probably have to be done online. For that, our customer care is available to answer any questions you have both by e-mail and by phone.

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