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    CO2 Adapter Madbull Adjustable


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Airsoft CO2

When you’re looking for airsoft CO2 cartridges, we can help you out as we stock a large supply of 12 grams CO2 cartridges in different types. There are three types we offer:

  • Standard CO2 cartridges, consisting of a metal cylinder filled with 12 grams of CO2.
  • Special CO2 cartridges of which the inside is coated to prevent corrosion, keeping the CO2 pure without the chance of particles.
  • Maintenance cartridges in which besides CO2 also 0.5 grams of special oil is added that lubricates and cleans the internals of your airsoft replica. It’s advised to use a maintenance cartridge after every ten normal capsules.

CO2 cartridges are often used in airsoft as a power source for airsoft replicas. Especially in replica revolvers and also in replica pistols, while CO2 is also used -but not often- in replica rifles. The advantage of CO2 compared to the well-known airsoft Gas is the fact CO2 is more powerful and still works well at lower temperatures. Besides that, CO2 provides a very consistent pressure.

The capacity of the CO2 cartridges we sell for airsoft is 12 grams. The CO2 inside the cartridges is mainly liquid, which happens when it’s compressed. As long as there’s liquid CO2 inside the cartridge, the pressure will maintain at the same level, which is approximately 58 bar at room temperature. Because of that, a CO2 cartridge provides very consistent results. Every time some CO2 escapes as a gas, the liquid CO2 will start to boil and evaporate into gas until the pressure is level again.

There’s one but and that’s the factor called temperature. While evaporating, the CO2 rapidly expands and with this cools down extremely. When an airsoft replica is fired multiple times in short sequence, capsule and replica will cool down strongly, resulting in a lower pressure. However, when you let the capsule warm up again to ambient temperature, the pressure will build up to normal level again.

Maintenance tips

Besides the use of a maintenance cartridge, it’s a good idea to put some silicone grease (just a thin film) on the tip of the CO2 cartridge every now and then. This will keep the O-ring of your airsoft replica, that gets to endure lots of extreme temperature changes, in good condition.

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