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Airsoft BB’s are available in all sorts and weights and of course we offer a large assortment to choose from. There’s more to a BB, that little ball, than meets the eye and it’s worth to make a well-informed choice. A BB has great influence on accuracy, speed and even the lifespan of your airsoft replica.

There are five points that have to be considered when choosing a BB:

  • Calibre: this one is easy because although there are different calibres of BB’s worldwide, in airsoft almost all replica’s are made for 6mm BB’s.
  • Weight: although there are lighter BB’s, in airsoft it all starts with 0.2 grams BB’s as lighter BB’s would have too much speed. Besides that, light BB’s are also very susceptible to wind and the low mass means they slow down quickly too, making the trajectory very much like an arc, meaning the aiming point differs a lot at different distances. Heavier BB’s shot from the same replica will go a bit slower, but keep their momentum better, resulting in a flatter trajectory.
  • Colour: most BB’s are white or beige. There are also tracer BB’s that, when fired through a tracer-unit with UV light, glow in the dark. Completely the opposite are dark coloured BB’s, which are often used by snipers.
  • Bio/non-bio: everybody thinks of BB’s as plastic balls, but more often than not biological degradable BB’s are mandatory. These BB’s are made from biological substances such as corn.
  • Quality: some BB’s are polished and perfectly round, while others can be a bit rough and feature inefficiencies. It speaks for itself that the latter will be less accurate and less consistent. The density of the BB is also an important factor as less dense BB’s can be brittle, resulting in quicker fragmenting.

Some BB guidelines

Which BB is chosen depends largely on personal preference and experience, but we can still offer you some sound advice that’ll help you in the right direction. It’s common practice to use the same BB’s in both your airsoft rifle and your airsoft pistol. The reason is simple; you only need to carry one bottle of BB’s and one speed loader. That saves weight and space, prevents mixing things up and will gain you precious time.

For airsoft rifles and pistols a 0.25 grams BB will be a good starting point. Slower than a lighter BB, but with a flatter trajectory and less sensitivity to wind, resulting in better accuracy. When there’s more wind, you can choose a heavier BB and vice versa. Of course, the power of your airsoft replica will have a large impact as a powerful replica will fire heavier BB’s with more speed than a less powerful one.

Airsoft snipers are very powerful, because they have to shoot longer distances, which means heavy BB’s are used. Mostly a sniper won’t go lighter than 0.36 grams and an often used base weight is 0.40 grams.

The use of white or bright coloured BB’s has the advantage the BB’s can be followed with the naked eye, making it much easier to hit your target. Dark coloured BB’s won’t have this advantage, but they are often used by airsoft snipers as -though aiming will be more difficult- they won’t betray the shooters' position. When shooting in the dark, tracer BB’s can be interesting. They feature a fluorescent layer that will glow in the dark after being shot through a tracer-unit which illuminates the BB with UV light. These BB’s will then light up as tracer ammunition. You can use them as they are or mix them with your normal daytime BB’s.

Its advisable to use polished BB’s with a high density. Cheap, rough BB’s can have edges and not be truly round. This will accelerate wear of your replica and accuracy will be less too. They can also be brittle, making them more prone to fragmenting which -when that happens inside your replica- can cause defects.