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For BB grenades, Krale is your go-to address. We supply BB grenades that comply with even the strictest regulations. We offer two kinds:

  • One Blow BB grenades: these BB grenades will blow all their BB’s at once. This means the BB’s are spread in a very short amount of time with a wide and uniform spread in all directions.
  • Sequential BB grenades: these BB grenades fire BB’s through one or more holes. As more BB’s will pass through the same exit, the release is extended over a small period of time. The spread is random and not uniform in all directions.

Both BB grenades are effective and the choice for one or the other depends mostly on personal preference. Same goes for the type of activation of which there are two:

  • Impact: BB grenades with this type of activation will detonate when they hit the ground or an object. The advantage is that when the securing pin is pulled out, you can still wait to throw the grenade.
  • Timer delay: BB grenades with a timer delay offer the advantage they can also detonate in the air, causing a BB shower. However, after removing the securing pin, the BB grenade has to be thrown immediately.

You fill BB grenades with airsoft Gas and not with CO2 for one simple reason: CO2 cartridges just take in too much space to keep the BB grenade compact. Besides, it's quicker and easier to refill with Gas. What type of Gas you choose, depends on the construction of the BB grenade, but most are robust enough to take the most powerful Gas. The choice will be a personal one, regarding how hard you want to hit your opponents.

BB grenades are often carried in so-called grenade pouches. Convenient bags that can be attached to your tactical gear, keeping the grenades close at hand and preventing losing them.

Ask for BB grenade information

Although we understand that geologically you’re more inclined to buy your BB grenade online, if you happen to be in the Netherlands, please feel welcome to drop by for a cuppa and some good advice. When you still fancy some advice, even when not visiting, know we’re only one phone call or e-mail away.