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An airsoft replica is pretty stuffed with parts. It’s a nifty piece of technology that internally doesn’t even resemble a real weapon. Depending on the power source, you’ll find gears, electronics, compressed air or gas and lots of static and moving parts. This will require maintenance but also offers plenty of tuning possibilities. Because of this we stock a large assortment of airsoft parts for upgrades and airsoft parts for tuning.

This can be static airsoft parts like stocks that can alter the usability and ergonomics and barrels that can be replaced, but also hop-ups that can provide more or less upward spin to the BB’s to improve shooting distance and accuracy. Spring guides are there to firmly hold your spring in place.

Besides static airsoft parts, there are dynamic or moving parts like gearboxes of which the gears can be plastic or metal, but also triggers and springs with which you can alter the speed (fps or m/s). Springs can be used to give your airsoft replica more speed, but springs can also be used to be able to meet speed regulations of certain airsoft grounds. Tip: Don’t just barely meet the regulations, but keep a margin as not all chronometers are calibrated.

Finally there are the electronic airsoft parts like motors and MOSFETS. Those last ones are interesting pieces of electronics that can completely transform your airsoft replica and offer lots of adjustment possibilities as for example firing speed, BB’s per burst but also enable you to use a more powerful battery while protecting the electronics against overload.

Expert advice on airsoft parts

As you understand, a lot can be done to an airsoft replica such as altering or improving and all the parts needed for this can be found at Krale in our large assortment. Whether is replacement or tuning, we can deliver what you need and of course we’d be happy to provide you with advice which parts are best suited for your needs. Please drop by in our store, send us an e-mail or give our customer service department a call.