Krale: the online sports shooting, hunting and airsoft specialist with also a well stocked 1400 m² store.

Krale is the specialist when it comes to sports shooting, hunting and airsoft. Online, as well in our 1400 m² store, you’ll find an enormous assortment of new and used guns, ammunition, airsoft replicas, accessories and clothing. In the basement of the Krale store are 10, 12 and 50 meter shooting ranges that can be used to test airguns and for zeroing in rifle/scope combinations, if desired in presence of the customer.

Our friendly and professional staff is available online, by phone and in person to inform and assist you. There’s ample parking space on the Krale premises and charging points for electric vehicles can be used for free.



The Krale sports shooting department offers everything for both sports shooting and recreational shooting. Weapons and accessories, ammunition, clothing, optics, targets, maintenance products, but also everything you need for reloading and an enormous amount of supplies.

The gun assortment of Krale comprises sports shooting guns as big and small bore rifles and handguns, shotguns, small bore carbines and air rifles and air pistols for 10M, but also air rifles and air pistols for recreational use. We offer new and secondhand guns, so tradin in is a possibility. Needless to say the craftsmen in our workshop can customise when needed or when special wishes demand custom made parts.
Some of the brands we supply are: Air Arms, Anschütz, Ataman, BUL, Beretta, Bergara, Browning, CZ, Diana, Evanix, Feinwerkbau, FX Airguns, Glock, Hämmerli, Hatsan, Heckler & Koch, Remington, Ruger, Sig, Smith & Wesson, Steyr, STI, TanFoglio, Vulcan, Walther, Weihrauch

Everything used on or with a gun can be found at Krale. Bipods, diopters, moderators, gun slings, hand stops, magazines, air cylinders, regulators, triggers or tuning kits; the assortment online as well as in our store is enormous. If the market doesn’t offer what you need, our specialists can usually make the custom parts you want.
Some of the brands we supply are: AHG, Anschütz, Artemis, Ataman, Benjamin, Caldwell, CZ, Diana, DonnyFL, Evanix, Hatsan, Huggett, Huma, Steyr, Tinbum Tuning, Walther, Weihrauch, Zev Technologies

Are you looking for CO² cartridges, ear protection, tools, rifle and pistol cases, chronometers, gun safes, shooting targets or anything else additionally needed? Krale is the address where a vast amount of shooting accessories can be found.
Some of the brands we supply are: Atlas, Best Fittings, Browning, Caldwell, Diana, Double Alpha (DAA), Eleven, Feinwerkbau, Frankford Arsenal, Gamo, Ghost, Hatsan, Hawkeye, Knobloch, Tipton, Umarex, Walther, Wheeler Engineering

Anyone very serious about their shooting, dresses for the sport. Krale supplies shooting underwear, shooting pants, shooting jackets, shooting caps and headbands, shooting gloves, shooting glasses and  shooting footwear, but also kneeling rolls and shooting slings. Our capable staff will help you to find the perfect fit.

Red dots, scopes, night vision scopes, thermal rifle scopes; when it comes to give you the best view and aim on your target, Krale has it all. Besides that, we also supply everything else needed as mounts, mounting rails and lasers/lighting. Does your target need to be found first? Krale also offers spotting scopes and binoculars.
Some of the brands we supply are: Aimpoint, Athlon Optics, ATN, Aztec Optics, Delta, Docter, Falcon, Hawke, Henneberger, Kahles, Kite Optics, Konus, Laser Genetics, Nightforce, Nikko Stirling, Optilock, Optisan, Sightmark, SIG Sauer, Swarovski, U.S. Optics, Vector Optics, Warne, Zeiss

The Krale ammunition assortment includes shotgun ammo with bismuth, steel, lead and tungsten, but also big and small bore ammo, pistol and revolver ammo, airgun pellets and arrows. All popular calibers, but also lots of less common calibers can be supplied for recreational, competition, indoor and outdoor use.
Some of the brands we supply are: American Eagle, CCI, Clever, Eley, Fiocchi, Gamebore, Geco, H&N, Hornady, Hunters Supply, JSB, Lapua, Magtech, Mankung, Norma, RWS, Sako, Sellier & Bellot, Winchester

The multitude of paper targets offered in our shop, numbered and not numbered are seemingly endless. We supply for most sporting disciplines, but for recreational use too. Benchrest, IPSC or biathlon, pistol, rifle or oven a bow, 10M competition or just shooting in your backyard? Krale has the paper target you need.
Some of the brands we supply are: Artemis, Caldwell, Kruger

All the basics needed for maintenance and care are readily supplied. Oil and grease, bore cleaners, cleaning rods and -accessories, cleaning wicks, cleaning pellets and -patches are always in stock, but Krale also offers tools, and specific products als bluing solutions. If desired, you can leave the maintenance of your gun in the capable hands of our specialists.
Some of the brands we supply are: Abbey, Ballistol, Birchwood Casey, Bore Tech, Frankford Arsenal, Hawkeye, Interflon, Milfoam, Netarm, Robla, Scherell’s, Tipton, VFG, Wheeler Engineering, Zettex


The hunting-department of Krale offers anything, in the widest sense of the word, for hunting. Naturally you’ll find guns, ammunition and accessories in our store, but also everything for reloading, clothes, optics, maintenance products and even supplies for your hunting dog.

The gun assortment of Krale comprises shotguns, but also big bore rifles and small bore carbines. We offer new and secondhand guns, which means trading in is an option. If preferred, the specialists in our workshop can customise the guns for you. All thinkable alterations can be done and when standard just doesn’t suffice, custom parts can be made.

Some of the brands we supply are: Beretta, Bergara, Browning, CZ, Franchi, Heckler & Koch, Mauser, Remington, Sabatti, Sako, Smith & Wesson, Thompson

Whether it’s a bipod with accessories, a gun sling or butt pad with spacer, Krale offers a vast amount of accessories for your hunting gun. Further examples are magazines, compensators or sling swivels. What we don’t have in store or isn’t even commercially available, most of the time can be made by our specialists.
Some of the brands we supply are: Accu-Tac, Anschütz, Atlas, Bergara, Browning, Caldwell, CZ, Harris, Howa, Recknagel, Roedale, Steyr, Tikka, Uncle Mike, Vanguard

Hunting doesn’t stop with just the guns; Krale has a wide assortment of accessories for transportation of your guns and supplies, for protection of your guns and protection for yourself. Think rifle cases, ear protection, bags, backpacks and shooting rests.
Some of the brands we supply are: AIM Field Sports, Atlas, Bergara, Bog-Pod, Browning, Caldwell, Mega Line, Plano, Primos, Remington, Smith & Wesson, Vanguard

In the shooting society, hunting has its own demands when it comes to clothing. Camouflage is of importance, as are things like weather resistance, durability and usability. Krale offers a wide range of trousers, upper wear and headwear among other things. Our professionals can advise and assist you with sizing.
Some of the brands we supply are: Pinewood, Sasta, Armadillo, Fjäll Räven, Aigle, Gateway1

Scopes, night vision scopes, thermal rifle scopes; if optics are concerned, Krale offers all you need. Accessories as for example tripods, mounting rails and lasers/lighting are readily available. Even if your target needs to be found first, Krale offers the help needed with spotting scopes and binoculars.
Some of the brands we supply are: Delta, Kahles, Kite Optics, Schmidt & Bender, Swarovski, Zeiss



As no other, Krale understands that airsoft doesn’t stop with owning a replica, BB’s and supplies. That’s why our product range extends far beyond that. We supply accessories, tactical gear, clothing, optics and everything needed for maintenance and care of your replicas. Besides that, Krale also offers field meals, energy bars and beef jerky. Airsoft has its own 500 m² floor in our store. That’s not just a department, it’s an experience!

The arsenal airsoft replicas Krale has is wide and divers. Airsoft rifles, pistols, revolvers, snipers, shotguns or grenade launchers, we offer it all. Popular replicas, well known brands and in every price range.
Some of the brands we supply are: ASG, Cybergun, G&G, Secutor, Systema, Tippmann, Tokyo Marui

What can’t be found at Krale, isn’t worth looking for. When it comes to ammo and supplies, we offer everything you need such as batteries, battery chargers, CO², gas, BB’s and smoke grenades. Everything you need for your replica and more.
Some of the brands we supply are: Nuprol, Umarex, Valken, Abbey

Whether it’s a bipod, moderator, tracer, grip, holster, or case, all the things needed in addition to your replica can be found in abundance at Krale. Other examples include magazines, charging cylinders, sling swivels and chronometers.
Some of the brands we supply are: ICS, Umarex, UTG, Walther

The amount of tactical gear at Krale is enormous. Our assortment comprises everything you can wear as for example glasses, helmets, masks, plate carriers and tactical vests, but also pouches, badges, dummy knives, belts, radios, PTT’s, headsets, bags and backpacks.
Some of the brands we supply are: Bushcraft, Fosco, Helikon-Tex, Nuprol

A complete airsoft outfit can be composed at Krale. Our clothing department includes upper wear, pants, jackets, and vests, but also caps, hats, belts, socks, shoes, scarves and gloves.
Some of the brands we supply are: 101 Inc., BRCC, Claw Gear, Fostex, Helikon-Tex, Invader Gear, Mechanix, SA Company

Scopes, red dots, lasers and lighting are of course standard included in our stock and naturally we also provide the needed mounts, but Krale also offers things like action cams. Just have a look in our online shop or actual store. Some of the brands we supply are: ATN, Hawke, ISAW, Konus, NcStar, Sightmark, UTG, Walther

The airsoft department of Krale has a wide range of tools, oils, greases (both universal as for specific needs), cleaning supplies and cleaning kits to keep your airsoft replica in top nick.
Some of the brands we supply are: Abbey, AHG, Ballistol, Best Fittings, Bore Tech, CZ, Element, Fosco, Interflon, Napier of London, Netarm, Tipton, Walther, Wheeler Engineering

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