A Hatsan 125 is perfect for everybody who’s looking for an accessible break barrel air rifle, yet wants it to pack some considerable punch too. Considering the phrase ‘the power of simplicity’, you can take that very literary when it comes to the Hatsan 125.

The Hatsan 125 is very powerful
If there’s anything Hatsan is well-known for, it’s the fact their air rifles often are amongst the most powerful ones in their class. The Hatsan 125 isn’t any different in that respect and while cocking definitely requires some effort, it’s surprisingly easy to cock when you regard its power. Helping you with that, is the moderator at the end of the barrel that doubles as a comfortable grip for cocking.

A powerful air rifle will produce some significant recoil, that’s why the Hatsan 125 features a (TrioPad) recoil absorbing perforated rubber butt plate and the forend has a floating mounting point, named the Hatsan Shock Absorption System. With this system, a straight through bolt goes through a dampening bush, which itself is mounted in a shock-absorbing bracket.

Tip: With powerful piston powered air rifles like this one, we always recommend to use the artillery hold for the most accurate results. For this, you gently press the shoulder piece against your shoulder, while letting the forend rest loosely on your hand. This allows the air rifle to go through its recoil and vibration pattern freely, resulting in a far better accuracy than when trying to forcefully keep the rifle steady.

This is the difference between a spring and a gasram
The Hatsan 125 is available as a springer, but can also be acquired with a Vortex gasram. You might wonder what the difference between these two is. Which is understandable, as they’re hidden out of view inside the Hatsan 125. When you would open the air rifle, you’ll immediately notice the difference, but can still ask yourself: ‘Why?’. Well, luckily that’s easy to explain:

  • Spring: By breaking the barrel, a piston is pushed back against a powerful spring. When pushed fully back, the piston being held in place until you pull the trigger. What happens then, is the spring releasing all of its energy by rushing the piston forward. The air in front of the piston gains immensely in pressure, pushing forcefully against the bullet which will be forced out the barrel with high speed. A spring is a reliable source of power and is more cost efficient to produce than a gasram.
  • Vortex gasram: Mechanically, a Hatsan 125 with Vortex gasram doesn’t differ with a spring powered one. It’s just a gasram powering the piston instead of a spring. Look at the gasram as being one of those trunk lid lift supports; two pieces of pipe that are closed at one end and slide into each other at the other end. The interacting part where they slide into each other features an airtight seal, making it impossible for air to escape when the pipes are pushed into each other. This will compress the air, building up pressure, just like what would happen when you compress a spring. The big difference, compared to a spring, is the fact a gasram is much smoother when shooting, because it doesn’t have spring windings that will vibrate (twang). This will improve accuracy as there is less movement in the air rifle. The reduction of vibrations also improves longevity of the air rifle and attached aiming devices.

These interesting innovations are featured on the Hatsan 125
Hatsan always has been a resourceful manufacturer. They’ve got a wide range of innovations that feature on a lot of their airguns, such as a multi-adjustable 2-stage trigger with anti-knock protection and multiple recoil and vibration reducing solutions. Below, we’ll show a small selection of the innovations that can be found on the Hatsan 125:

Quattro trigger

The Hatsan Quattro-trigger can be adjusted in three ways. Firstly, the trigger weight can be adjusted. Secondly the trigger position can be varied and thirdly, the length of both first and second stage are adjustable. An anti-knock system prevents discharging when enduring an impact caused by falling or bumping.

TrioPad butt stock

The TrioPad butt stock has a perforated rubber shoulder pad that significantly dampens the recoil. Three fill-plates enable you to adjust the length of pull to achieve a perfect personal fit of the Hatsan 125.

TruGlo open sights

No open sights as intuitive in use as ones with optic fibres. The fully adjustable open sights of the Hatsan 125 are well-designed, with the optic fibres receiving plenty of incoming light, while also being sufficiently protected from impact.

Multiple safety systems

The Hatsan 125 has a manual safety that automatically engages when the air rifle is cocked. Additionally, the trigger features an independent anti-knock safety that effectively locks the trigger mechanism until the trigger blade is engaged.

Double scope rail

Whether it’s an 11 mm dovetail or a 22 mm Weaver/Picatinny mounting system, the double rail system of the Hatsan 125 caters for both. This’ll give you a lot of freedom of choice regarding mounts and aiming devices.


The muzzle report is reduced by means of an integrated moderator. This moderator also houses the TruGlo front sight and is designed to offer a firm grip for cocking the air rifle.

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