When the first FX Wildcat was released, it immediately and effortlessly took the crown of bullpup PCP air rifles. A bullpup was always compact as a definition, but the Wildcat added lightness into the equation, followed by affordability and a very high quality. And thanks to its well-designed ergonomics, the Wildcat felt very comfortable too. Oh, lest we forget that phenomenal trigger that left airgunners worldwide in awe.

Right, so the FX Wildcat is a bullpup PCP air rifle. For those who are unfamiliar with the term: the definition of a bullpup is a very short rifle with the trigger placed in front of the action, enabling the design to still use a full-length barrel. The shoulder piece is normally directly attached to the rear of the action. You could describe a bullpup as a rifle that’s been compressed to make is shorter. Ergo the reference to a bulldog pup (we’re not kidding, it’s true).

An FX Wildcat is perfect for carrying around
The big advantage of a bullpup PCP -and that shouldn’t be a surprise- is its compactness. This makes the air rifle easy to carry with you and easy to handle, while still having the advantage of a full-length barrel. This means it will maintain the same speed and accuracy of a larger air rifle with the same barrel length. Another thing is the fact the centre of gravity lies close to your body, letting your shoulder take a lot of the weight, making for a lighter hold and swifter movement.

The perfectly finished synthetic FX Wildcat stock doesn’t add much in weight, which -together with its compactness- makes the Wildcat very comfortable to carry with you. The Soft Touch surface on the stock doesn’t just feels nice and luxurious, it offers a seriously good grip too.

That much-loved trigger…
Besides the many advantages a bullpup design has to offer, the only con of this configuration is the fact that the trigger needs a pull-rod system to activate the action at the rear. Sometimes this can make a trigger feel a bit vague and distant, but the FX Wildcat distinguishes itself with a trigger that can easily be called match grade. It’s just that subtle and light in feel, with a very crisp and clear break. In fact, it’s actually this particular trigger that has made the bullpup design attractive for a lot more people who previously wouldn’t even think of it. And to add to it, it’s got two adjustable stages too.

Conventional bullpups often feature the cocking lever at the end of the action. Mechanically that’s the easiest solution, but ergonomically it’s a bit of a pain. So, FX Airguns gave it some thought and placed the cocking lever directly above the trigger. No need to let go of the stock and move your hand to the rear, just lift your hand a bit and smoothly cock the lever while maintaining your shooting stance.

The ergonomics of the FX Wildcat are really well thought-out, it’s definitely an air rifle developed from the user’s point of view.

The FX Wildcat is not modular, such as the FX Impact – which in its own way can also be classed as a bullpup. But what the Wildcat gains on its bigger brother is the sheer comfort to carry, because of the incredibly low weight. The Wildcat is perfect to take with you when you’re out and about and also offers a very comfortable cheek piece and shoulder piece, while having an ergonomic pistol grip. It’s accurate, powerful and features a large magazine. A Wildcat is perfect for everyday use so to say.

Impressive number of shots per fill
While the FX Wildcat offers a very usable power, it still manages to be economical with its air supply. This makes for an impressive number of shots per fill and is accomplished by developing a smartly designed system where power and airflow can be perfectly adjusted to match the pellet or slug you’re using. First, there’s the adjustable regulator that lets you higher or lower the air pressure and with that, the power that pushes the projectile through the barrel. A large plenum then makes sure that there’s enough regulated air at the ready for your next shot, even if you’re using heavy projectiles like slugs.

Second, there’s the adjustable preload of the hammer spring and with that, you can adjust the amount of time the valve stays open. If you use a heavy projectile, you need more push, so you adjust the valve to stay open for longer. For a perfect airflow, the FX Wildcats up to calibre .25 feature a Dual Hole transfer port. One side has a small hole for pellets and when you plan on using slugs, you just twist the barrel 180 degrees to make use of a larger hole with more airflow.

This bullpup is a real working dog
Where the FX Impact is all about ultimate performance, the FX Wildcat is developed with a sharp focus on usability. It’s powerful, accurate and lightweight, making it practical and therefore extremely usable. The many tuning options enable you to adjust the FX Wildcat to get the very best out of any type of air rifle ammunition you prefer.

AMP regulator

The big advantage of the Adjustable Match Precision regulator is the fact it’s externally adjustable. This means the FX Wildcat doesn’t have to be bled before regulator adjustments are made. The regulator has its own pressure gauge.

Power Adjuster

With the Power Adjuster wheel at the back, the preload of the hammer spring can be adjusted in seven pre-set steps. However, there’s also a manual micro adjustment for stepless adjustability of the preload.

Interchangeable barrel and liner

Thanks to the Smooth Twist X barrel system, both barrel and liner of the FX Wildcat can be changed quick and easy to change barrel length, calibre and even the twist rate. The liner has its rifling pressed in from the outside, making for a very smooth bore with a minimum of friction and less deformation of the projectile.

Side Shot magazine

The FX Side Shot magazine has a large capacity and as it’s placed eccentrically, it doesn’t hinder the cheek piece of the FX Wildcat. The removable lid makes reloading the magazine a walk in the park.

2-stage trigger

The 2-stage trigger has both stages adjustable. Even though the trigger uses a pull-rod system to the action -inherent to the bullpup concept- it feels smooth, light and with a crisp breaking point. It absolutely is the best you can get.

Ergonomic cocking lever

By placing the cocking lever directly above the trigger, cocking the FX Wildcat is an intuitive effort that doesn’t disturb your shooting stance. Your trigger hand can still keep in touch with the stock and the lever itself is smooth, light and stable.

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