The FX Dreamline is a popular modular PCP air rifle that can be bought or self-assembled in different guises. It comes in different base models and when you buy one, it can always be converted into the other.

You can view the FX Dreamline as the embodiment of the ultimate air gunner’s wish list. It’s the answer FX has formulated to the question what the perfect air rifle should be able to do. And a smart answer for that, as every marketing department would know this simple question to an air gunner, will result in a very specific wish list. But ask ten air gunners for their perfect rifle and you get ten different lists…

The most common solution would be compromising, but instead of developing an air rifle that would be a compromise between all those wishes, FX decided to simply cater for all needs by developing a modular air rifle that would meet all requirements. Nevertheless is the FX Dreamline one of the most affordable models in the FX Airguns line-up.

Configure to suit your own needs
FX offers the Dreamline in multiple standard configurations. For instance, there’s the FX Dreamline Classic with a conventional and classic looking stock, but there’s also the FX Dreamline Tactical with AR-style stock and Weaver/Picatinny rail. Lest we forget the FX Dreamline Bullpup and a very basic FX Dreamline Lite.

All configurations feature the same base, which enables you to convert one model into the other. If you happen to have a Dreamline Classic, you can easily convert it into a Tactical or even the Bullpup. An FX Dreamline can be whatever you fancy it to be.

It’s not only the stock of the FX Dreamline that can be altered, you can also change the barrel length or the calibre. There’s also the possibility to change the volume of the air supply by using a different cylinder or bottle. To go into extremes: you can even buy an arrow barrel for the FX Dreamline. And we also offer a bare Base FX Dreamline for use in a chassis. In short, the possibilities are endless!

An FX Dreamline is great to tune
The FX Dreamline can be adjusted in multiple ways when it comes to power. There’s the AMP (Adjustable Match Precision) regulator that can be adjusted form the outside, eliminating the need to bleed the air rifle before regulator adjustments are made. Also adjustable is the preload of the hammer spring. The more preload, the further the valve will open, giving a longer period for air to flow through. Depending on the chosen configuration, the preload can be adjusted with a wheel on the side, or a screw on the rear.

It doesn’t stop there, as the FX Dreamline also features a dual transfer port (on models up to .25 calibre) where the transfer port can be rotated. On one side, there’s a small hole for use with pellets and the other side has a bigger hole that enables more air flow, which is great for when you’re using slugs. There’s a wheel on the side that lets you adjust the amount of air flowing to the transfer port. So there you are, these are the numerous tuning options the FX Dreamline offers.

Interchangeable barrel system

Thanks to the interchangeable barrel system, the FX Dreamline can easily switch between a short and a long barrel and as the barrels feature changeable liners, it’s also easy to switch calibre and even twist rate.

AMP regulator

The Adjustable Match Precision regulator offers the possibility to quickly adjust the regulator pressure by means of an external wheel. This simplifies and speeds up the process, as you don’t have to bleed the whole system.


Why buy an air rifle, if you’re going to discard half of it? When you plan on using a chassis or other stock, you can simply buy the FX Dreamline Base, consisting of the system and barrel.

Dual Transfer port

The transfer port on FX Dreamline models up to .25 calibre feature two holes. One for using pellets, the other for slugs. Switching between them is as easy as rotating the barrel.

2-stage trigger

The delightfully light trigger of the FX Dreamline is renowned for its sensitivity and crisp break. Both the first as the second stage are adjustable and as far as air rifle triggers go, this one is up there at the top.

Side Shot magazine

The FX Dreamline Side Shot magazine is a rotating magazine with a surprisingly large capacity. Filling and loading is easy and -of course- it’s possible to acquire multiple magazines for ease of use.

  1. FX Dreamline GRS Green Mountain Camo
    FX Dreamline GRS Green Mountain Camo
    Regular Price 1,307.99 As low as 1,093.64
  2. FX Dreamline Tactical
    FX Dreamline Tactical
    Regular Price 958.03 As low as 718.52
  3. FX Dreamline Lite Bottle Carbon
    FX Dreamline Lite Bottle Carbon
    Regular Price 1,194.26 As low as 870.54
  4. FX Dreamline Tactical Bottle Carbon
    FX Dreamline Tactical Bottle Carbon
    Regular Price 1,194.26 As low as 955.40
  5. FX Dreamline Bullpup Bottle Carbon
    FX Dreamline Bullpup Bottle Carbon
    Regular Price 1,273.00 As low as 870.54
  6. FX Dreamline Bullpup
    FX Dreamline Bullpup
    Regular Price 993.02 As low as 783.05
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