In technical terms very contemporary, the FX Crown PCP air rifle is built within a conventional set-up with traditional stock. Because of this, shooting this air rifle feels easy and comfortably familiar. Combine this with an impressive power and it’s easy to see why the FX Crown has such a huge share of fans.

The FX Crown could be looked at as the traditional variant of the FX Impact. Just as refined, similarly accurate and almost just as powerful. Where the latter is built as a bullpup with -simply put- the trigger halfway the barrel, the FX Crown is built in a conventional manner. This makes the Crown simpler in design with, for instance, a lot less O-rings. And as the construction is easier to produce, the costs therefore lie lower too.

Despite the conventional built, FX has still managed to find space to use a large plenum, enabling the power to almost reach that of the FX Impact. Meaning the FX Crown too, is very suitable for long distance shooting. And it also means it’s perfectly able to shoot slugs.

An FX Crown feels secure and comfortable
It is because of the previously mentioned conventional set-up, that the FX Crown is chosen by many, offering a comfortable and intuitive shooting experience. The shooting stance feels natural with a robust and comfortable frond-end to hold on to. The long fore-end also is a plus when you decide to use a bipod for extra stability.

The length and controllability make the Crown perfect for long distance shooting and for this reason, it features a 20 MOA Picatinny rail to mount your riflescope. The canting of this rail helps you get the biggest possible adjustment range. That’s because a rifle scope works in such a way that the further the elevation is adjusted, the smaller the windage adjustment range gets. A 20 MOA scope rail helps preventing that, by keeping the elevation adjustment closer to its mid-range at longer distances.

Everything is adjustable!
That what makes the FX Crown so interesting and desirable, is the fact you can fine-tune virtually everything that’s on it. The possibility to adjust a lot of variables, helps you get the absolute best out of the FX Crown. And that’s without the need to compromise on anything. By adjusting the power and flow -by means of the externally adjustable regulator, power adjuster and adjustable hammer spring pre-load- you can tune the FX Crown to get the very best out of the pellet or slug of your choice.

It's also very easy to change the barrel, switching to another calibre, length or even twist rate. The barrel features a liner with rifling that’s pressed-in from the outside. This keeps the bore perfectly smooth and the smooth rifling itself helps creating a near perfect seal around the projectile. Barrels that are calibre .25 and smaller, feature a dual hole transfer port. The smallest hole can be used when using pellets and by twisting the barrel 180 degrees, a bigger hole with a less restrictive airflow can be used for slugs.

They really are crown jewels!
Of course, the FX Crown is available in different guises. For example, there are Crowns with a synthetic stock, a walnut stock and laminated stock. But we also offer a VP variant with a value priced set-up. And then there’s the FX Crown Continuum, with a long and a short barrel both included. We can even provide you with an FX Crown base that you can use in a chassis or aftermarket stock.

20 MOA Picatinnyrail

Its power and accuracy, as well as the comfort of the traditional stock set-up, make the FX Crown well-loved with long distance shooters. For this reason a 20 MOA scope rail is used as standard, guaranteeing a maximum adjustability of your rifle scope for ultimate accuracy.

AMP regulator

The regulator pressure of the FX Crown can be adjusted by means of the Adjustable Match Precision regulator that features an external adjuster. This feature enables you to adjust the regulator without the need of having to bleed the PCP air rifle. The pressure gauge helps you to quickly check your adjustments.

Power adjuster

The air flow towards the dual transfer port can be restricted or increased with the power adjuster. What it does is simply tighten or open up air feed, making for a lower or higher flow.

Hammer spring adjuster

By adjusting the pre-load of the hammer spring, you can reduce or increase the time the valve is opened. This, in effect, enables you to alter the amount of air that’s let through at every shot.


If you’d like to use a chassis for your FX Crown, we offer the Base. That’s an FX Crown without a stock or barrel. That way, you don’t need to invest in a complete air rifle, only to disregard half of it. Just buy the base and mate it with the chassis and barrel of your choice.

Side Shot magazine

The FX Crown side shot magazine is loved by many for its impressive capacity. By placing the magazine off-centre, the hight of the scope mounts can be kept as low as possible.

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