The Anschütz 1771 is an impressive piece of engineering in -as the old Anschütz slogan once said- ‘wood and steel’. It’s a lovely understatement for the outstanding rifle that came to fruit by pure craftmanship from the well-regarded German manufacturer.

This is the Anschütz 1771

The Anschütz 1771 is a very accurate centrefire rifle in which modern technology is incorporated into a classically stylish walnut stock. It’s available in multiple configurations. In all variants, the heart is formed by the reliable 1771 action, featuring Anschütz’s 1771 self-developed and homemade precision barrel. The Anschütz 1771 is perfect for both hunting and sport shooting and regarding accuracy, well… that’s never a point of discussion when it comes to an Anschütz. It’s just a given fact.

Why the Anschütz 1771 is so very good

The engineering that goes into the Anschütz 1771 is top quality. Being a high-end manufacturer with more than a century of experience, Anschütz surely knows how to make a rifle accurate and reliable. To do this, modern engineering methods and old school craftmanship are applied when it comes to designing, manufacturing and assembling the various components. These components are made with tight tolerances and each of them is perfectly finished.

Of course, it’s the complete package that makes the Anschütz 1771 the high-quality rifle it is, but some things are worth taking a closer look at. The play-free bolt for example. Its smoothness and ease of use place it amongst the best in the world. It’s got three symmetrical lugs (in calibres .222 Rem and .223 Rem it even has two rings of three lugs, so six in total). The bolt is light in use and -with a throw of just 60 degrees- very quick too. Gas relief holes will safely get rid of any excess pressure if cartridge failure might occur.

The extremely accurate barrel is worth mentioning too. Anschütz is well versed in making its own barrels and does so with the same care and precision for each and every barrel, whether for hunting or match shooting. It’s not only the bore with rifling that gets a lot of attention, it’s also the fit into the receiver, the chamber, the recessed crown and bluing that are carefully seen to. The barrel is completely floating, meaning there’s a small space between the forend and the barrel, to prevent contact messing up barrel harmonics.

And if you allow us to pick one more, it definitely is the trigger that we’d like to point out. Anschütz triggers are right up there at the top and the Anschütz 1771 trigger isn’t any different. Each and every part gets a lot of attention. Where needed, parts are polished or hardened, resulting in a creep-free and very smooth movement for predictable and consistent feel and a crisp break. And they’re well-known to for their longevity and wide adjustment range.

Anyway, we can keep highlighting different parts, but in the end, it just comes down to the fact that Anschütz gives a lot of care and attention to every part, resulting in perfect functioning with minimal play. The 1771 really is the sum of its top-quality parts that -put together with minimal tolerances- form a reliable, robust and accurate rifle.

The Anschütz 1771 in use

Well, we’ve clearly pointed out that the Anschütz 1771 is extremely accurate. But rest assured, it’s in no way a sensitive and delicate instrument. The Anschütz 1771 is a robust workhorse that’s built to be used and to last. And a lot of thought has gone into its usability too.

Take, for instance, the bolt. It’s situated right above the trigger for a convenient control without disturbing your shooting stance. The bolt knob is made from polymer material. This means a reduction in weight, but also offers you a very comfortable feel. Compared to a steel knob, the Anschütz 1771 polymer knob doesn’t feel cold to the touch. Just small details, but it’s the details that make the rifle.

As for the safety, the one on the Anschütz 1771 can be easily operated, even when wearing gloves. And when handled with care, it’s almost completely silent too. As a visual reminder that the Anschütz 1771 is cocked, a protruding indictor pin is used. One other thing you’ll like about the safety, is that you can still open the bolt to empty the chamber when the safety is on.  

Many will know Anschütz is the go-to brand in biathlon Olympics. That’s one of the reasons why Anschütz has an above average interest in temperature changes and the effect they have on materials and therefore accuracy. A lot of research went into the effects of heat and especially extreme cold and Anschütz prides itself with the fact the 1771 will remain accurate and consistent under even the most extreme temperatures.

Buying an Anschütz 1771

When you decide to buy an Anschütz 1771, you’re investing in a reliable and accurate rifle that features a barrel, bolt and trigger system that all are in the top of their fields. Whatever variant you choose, know you’ve got a piece of high-quality engineering in your hands that’ll serve you well for a very long time. In our Staphorst based store, our experts will help you find the Anschütz 1771 that suits your needs best. However, if you prefer some advice before traveling to our store, the experts in our customer service will gladly answer your e-mails, calls or chats.

Extremely accurate barrel

Anschütz makes its own barrels and the German manufacturer has proven to belong to the absolute top. The accurate, match grade barrel of the 1771 just proves that.

Play-free bolt

The play-free Anschütz 1771 bolt is one of the best and most smooth handling out there. Licht and with a short throw, it’s very rapid in use.

Refined trigger

The Anschütz 1771 features a trigger with refined adjustability and a very clear break, providing a great feedback and offering a wide adjustment range.

Robust magazine

The weather resistant Anschütz 1771 magazine has a stainless steel houding and shockproof polymer base.

Absorbing butt stock

The comfortable and shock absorbing shoulder piece has a well thought out shape for intuitive shouldering and a good support.


The Anschütz 1771 safety is easy to use, even when gloved. When handled with attention, it’s almost silent too.

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