The HW100 is a powerful and very accurate PCP air rifle. During development, Weihrauch has focussed on accuracy, ease of use and reliability. With that, the HW100 has turned out to be a delightful, high-quality and no-nonsense PCP.

This is the Weihrauch HW100

Weihrauch didn’t hurry the development of the HW100. The German manufacturer, known for its outstanding spring piston air rifles, actually took a back seat when PCP’s started to become mainstream and carefully watched what came along. Then they started developing what they felt would be the perfect PCP air rifle. As Weihrauch tends to keep models in their line-up for years, they take their time to put a design together, instead of introducing a rolling development. The focus with the HW100 was always to produce a reliable and durable air rifle that’s easy and comfortable in use and offers a very good accuracy.

A lot has been invested by Weihrauch in research and development regarding the ergonomics of the HW100. This has resulted in a practical ambidextrous stock. That fact alone isn’t unique, as lots of manufacturers offer ambidextrous stocks, but where this Weihrauch really comes into its own is that it absolutely doesn’t feel in any way like a compromise. The fit is just thát good. Not only does the HW100 feel comfortable and natural for both left- and right handed airgunners, the grip will even fit both people with small hands and those with big hands perfectly. Not many airgun manufacturers will dedicate that much attention, time and money into the development of the ergonomics alone, but it matches Weihrauch’s philosophy of not joining the rat race and thoroughly developing models for them to join the line-up for years, even decades to come. And the HW100 does just that. It was good when it came out and it’s still good today.

Strong points of the HW100

The biggest selling point of the HW100 is its ease of use. Weihrauch put a lot of thought into making the PCP air rifle as functional and easy to use as possible. This means they didn’t go down the route where you’re able to adjust everything and lose yourself on the way. Weihrauch carefully set up the air rifle for a great all-round performance and accuracy. And by incorporating a regulator, there will be dozens of shots with the same power. This, of course, is the first requirement needed for consistency in accuracy, as the cylinder with compressed air naturally sees the power drop bit by bit after every shot. Normally this would mean the point of impact dropping accordingly, but the regulator prevents this, keeping optimum pressure for a number of magazines.

As mentioned above, the thoroughly developed ergonomics do a lot for the feel of the HW100. Although developed to be universal, they are considered to be very comfortable and even offer an individual feel. The HW100 has a nice and high cheek rest, aligning your head perfectly with the rifle scope that you’ll be fitting. And regarding balance, the HW100 feels very comfortable in that area too.

Another strong point of the HW100 is the in-house manufactured barrel. Weihrauch is known for producing high-quality, accurate barrels and the HW100 certainly doesn’t disappoint. By using a clamp to connect the barrel and air cylinder, the construction gains in rigidity. The added advantage to this is the fact that the airtight seal between the cylinder and the system doesn’t have to take all the strain.

Weihrauch’s springer air rifles are renowned for their very refined, match quality Rekord trigger. This trigger is widely regarded as the best you can get on a springer airgun. Big shoes to fill for the HW100 trigger, but it certainly matches its predecessor and then some! Both first and second stage can be adjusted perfectly, as is the trigger load. Airgunners with small hands will be glad to know the trigger distance can be adjusted too. The HW100 trigger feels solid, smooth and with a very crisp break. Match quality.

The HW100 magazine is delightfully simple and reliable. A robust metal housing with an O-ring that keeps the pellets in place with a minimal chance of deformation. No plastic lids, springs or rotating mechanisms. The magazine is rotated with a construction in the air rifle itself and there’s even an anti-double feed mechanism. Good to know: the safety will only activate when the HW100 is cocked. Therefore, it doubles as a reliable indicator to see if the Weihrauch is cocked or not.

This is why you should buy a Weihrauch HW100

The HW100 is known to be one of the most reliable and durable PCP air rifles around. Weihrauch always aims high regarding to reliability and this translates into a very durable product with a long lifespan. With a strong focus on ease of use, this Weihrauch offers perfect ergonomics and intuitive handling. You just cock and shoot and don’t have to worry about anything else. The HW100 is a PCP air rifle built for proper use. A reliable, no-nonsense workhorse with an incredible accuracy.

Quality trigger

Weihrauch has a name to keep, regarding match quality triggers and the 2-stage trigger of the HW100 certainly delivers. It’s fully adjustable, light and offers a crisp breaking point.


The Weihrauch HW100 comes standard with a detachable moderator. Weihrauch moderators are very efficient and are so well-regarded, that they are often used on other airguns too.

Shoulder pad

A Weihrauch isn’t a Weihrauch when it’s not fitted with the characteristic brown butt pad. The soft rubber offers a great grip on your shoulder and dampens the little recoil the HW100 already barely has.

Barrel clamp

The Weihrauch HW100 has its high-quality barrel clamped to the air cylinder. This connection offers rigidity and reliefs the strain for the airtight seal between cylinder to system.

Scope rail

On top of the HW100, you’ll find an 11 mm dovetail rail for mounting a rifle scope. There’s a convenient raster of lines to help you set the perfect eye relief when mounting the scope.

Cocking lever

The cocking lever of the HW100 is intuitive in use and offers a smooth and play-free action. It’s quiet, light and offers a very positive feedback.

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