Gun safes and cabinets

Our assortment consists of gun safes for both rifles and pistols/revolvers. They can all be anchored to the wall or floor and are made of thick steel with robust locks. All gun safes are on display in our store, so you can verify the build-quality for yourself. Read more


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  1. Gun safe Griffon S.25.EP
    In stock
    Gun safe Griffon S.25.EP
  2. Handgun safe De Raat 4040EC
    In stock
    Handgun safe De Raat 4040EC
  3. Gun Safe Infac Delta 1
    In stock
    Gun Safe Infac Delta 1
  4. Safe Griffon S.50.E
    In stock
    Safe Griffon S.50.E
  5. Handgun safe Lockdown with combination lock
    In stock
    Handgun safe Lockdown with combination lock
    Regular Price 53.98 Special Price 44.98
  6. Pistol safe De Raat PWKA
    In stock
    Pistol safe De Raat PWKA


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Why buy a gun safe?

Everybody who owns a gun, has to store it securely in a safe that’s attached to the floor or wall. A gun safe gives authorities the guarantee that a gun owner has done everything possible to prevent his or her guns to fall in the hands of others. It’s your duty as a gun owner to keep your guns out of reach and a gun safe is the only way to do that.

What to look for when buying a gun safe?

The most important thing to keep in mind is to check the dimensions of the gun safe, before buying one. We make an effort to provide both inside and outside dimensions of every gun safe we sell. Logically, the inside space must be sufficient to store your guns. Don’t just look at the length of the gun, but also how many of them you need to store inside the gun safe. You can’t just stack them without damaging them, so with every gun, the space needed grows exceptionally.

Ammunition needs to be stored separate from your guns. This can be done in two ways. Some of our gun safes feature a special ammunition compartment with its own lock. The other option is to use a separate gun safe for your ammunition. The advantage is that your gun safe itself can be more compact. We’d like to point out that you often find yourself storing more ammunition than you initially would have thought. The more often you shoot, the more ammunition you likely want to keep at hand. A small compartment inside your gun safe often isn’t nearly enough.

Gun safes are quite hefty in size and weight. So before buying one, think seriously where you want to place it, measure the available space and keep in mind that the gun safe needs to be anchored to the wall or floor too.

How secure are gun safes?

To be short, gun safes shouldn’t be called gun safes if they aren’t. Safe that is… Our gun safes are made of thick steel with robust hinges and secure locks. As they need to be anchored, they can’t be carried away either. And even if you wouldn’t mount them to a wall or floor, they’re incredibly heavy to lift, let alone walk away with them.

We’ve got different types of lock in our gun safes. Some gun cabinets feature a key lock, others have an electronic number lock. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, it’s just where your preference lies. And remember that the lock is purely a way to engage the locking mechanism, consisting of massive hardened steel pins.

What gun safe accessories do I need?

A gun safe often has a basic design with maybe a small rack, a shelf or a compartment. But after buying one, most gun cabinets are kitted up to suit your own needs. For instance, you can buy rifle supports or pistol racks. And to prevent rusting of your precious guns, a dehumidifier is often placed inside the gun safe, along with a hygrometer to be able to monitor the moisture level inside.

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