The Blaser R8 an immensely popular high-end rifle. Its safety is regarded by many as one of the best in the world and the accuracy of the Blaser R8 is just as well-regarded. Because of the modular build and many options, the R8 can be made to fit and suit your wishes perfectly.

If there’s one thing the German gun manufacturer Blaser is known for, it’s quality. Modern production techniques are combined with contemporary materials and old school craftmanship. This has resulted in an impressive line-up of rifles of which the Blaser R8 is definitely is the flagship. Its accuracy is almost legendary, but that doesn’t make the R8 unique. It’s the other things like the modular build and the previously mentioned safety that make this rifle truly special.

This is why Blaser’s safety is so good
The safety of the Blaser R8 is known to be as one of the best and safest around. As soon as the R8 is put on safe, the tension on the spring of the firing pin is taken away completely. So, it’s not just a mechanical way of blocking the trigger, the rifle is actually completely de-cocked. And when you slide the safety switch forward again, the tension is put back on the spring again and the rifle is cocked and ready to go.

It’s a bit of a strange sidestep to switch from a safety to an illuminated reticle, but the innovative Blaser just did that, making the switch of the safety visible to a sensor in their Infinity rifle scope range. This sensor enables the reticle illumination to be switched on automatically when the safety is switched off. It’s very intuitive and saves batteries. Blaser’s Illumination Control also works with rifles scopes from other brands, as long as they are compatible with the iC-system.

A Blaser R8 is suitable for almost all calibres
One of the other perks of having a Blaser R8 is the fact the same rifle can be used for numerous calibres. Barrels can easily be switched and are available from calibre .22 LR up to .500 Jeffery. Depending on the calibre group, the bolthead is changed too. Inside the magazine, that’s part of the cassette type trigger unit, just an insert needs to be changed.

In countries -as there are many in Europe- where you can only have a limited number of guns, the multi-calibre option is perfect. A Blaser R8 with different calibres then still counts as one rifle. But besides the rules and regulations part, a Blaser R8 with multiple calibres is also perfect for those who travel a lot. Especially when traveling intercontinental, a Blaser R8 can be an absolute bliss.

A Blaser R8 just needs zeroing once
Once a barrel and rifle scope are zeroed together, the perfectly machined fit and Blaser’s smart design (the scope is mounted onto the barrel) enable you to dismantle and reassemble your R8 time and time again without the need for re-zeroing.

The point of impact will stay the same and the very precise engineering that makes this possible shows the high quality that a Blaser R8 has to offer. The barrel can quickly be taken off by unscrewing two incapsulated (they won’t fall out) Allen nuts. The perfectly machined fit makes sure the barrel will return perfectly into its bedding when reassembled. And as for the rifle scope mount; Blaser has developed the Saddle Mount system that will let you take off the rifle scope in seconds and remount it just as fast. The barrel mounted and self-centering system ensures a perfect alignment every time.

It just takes a couple of minutes to completely disassemble your Blaser R8 and reassemble it again. And after doing that, it’ll be just as accurate. There’s a word for that: perfection.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that a Blaser R8 isn’t difficult when it comes to ammunition. Some rifles tend to have a strong like and dislike for different Brands or types of ammunition, but the R8 isn’t that fussy.

This is why you want Blaser’s straight pull bolt action
The bolt head of the Blaser R8 has a radial locking system, meaning it’s locked in place with 14 lugs around the bolthead that fit inside a 360 degrees groove in the barrel. The design is such, that the more pressure it will encounter, the firmer it will be locked. To unlock the bolt, the bolt lever doesn’t need to be lifted first, you just pull it backwards as it’s a straight pull action. When pulling the bolt lever, it will tilt back a bit, unlocking the bolt head, and in the same movement will continue to open the bolt. To close again, the previously mentioned movement is simply reversed. The fact you don’t need to lift and lower the bolt handle anymore, doesn’t only save you a significant amount of time, it also reduces the number of movements you need to make.

So… what can be personalised on a Blaser R8?
Well, what can’t? The Blaser R8 is available in many guises and we’ve got a lot of different models available in our store and webshop. These R8-models can all be customised to suit your wishes perfectly and it’s even possible to have an R8 built to order. The list of options is long, very long… Even when colour options and engravings are left out, it’s quite substantial. Without claiming to name them all, below we’ve tried to put most of them in an understandable overview below.

Blaser R8 barrel system

Another rifle to have a different calibre? There’s no need when you own a Blaser R8. Simply switch barrels! The R8 can handle anything from calibre .22 LR up to .500 Jeffery. A perfect bedding and fit guarantee a gastight remounting time and time again. The barrels are available with and without open sights and come in different profiles and lengths.

Blaser R8 safety

A Blaser R8 will de-cock as soon as it’s been put on safe. The safety switch releases all tension of the firing pin spring. As a little extra, the safety switch also features Blaser’s Illumination Control system, with which the illuminated reticle of iC-compatible rifle scopes will automatically be switched on and off as soon as the safety switch is moved.

Blaser R8 straight pull bolt

There’s no faster bolt action than a straight pull. The bolt handle doesn’t need to be lifted up and folded down anymore, taking valuable time off your reloading. When cocking, the trigger is automatically reset. A radial locking system creates a strong and perfect seal. Independent of your stock orientation, you can opt for the bolt handle to be on the left or right side.

Blaser R8 Saddle Mount system

The Saddle Mount system lets you take off and remount your rifle scope in seconds, without the need for re-zeroing. The combination of a self centering mounting system and the fact the rifle scope is mounted onto the barrel, makes for a guaranteed true-to-zero accuracy.

Blaser R8 trigger unit with magazine

The trigger is mounted inside a removable cassette, that also houses the magazine. Removing the unit makes the R8 completely safe for transport or storage. The trigger unit features a double lock and, if preferred, can also be locked in place with a switch on the inside. When changing calibres, you only need to change an insert.

Blaser R8 stock

The Blaser R8 is available with many different stock options. Left and right ones, but also traditional ones or with a thumbhole. Opt for a synthetic stock or pick your grade of walnut. An optional ‘Kickstop’ can be added; a metal cylinder filled with tungsten granulate that’ll absorb about 20% of the recoil. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Stock Blaser R8
    Stock Blaser R8
  2. Bolt Head Blaser R8 Magnum
    Bolt Head Blaser R8 Magnum
    As low as 264.90
  3. Bolt Head Blaser R8 Standard
    Bolt Head Blaser R8 Standard
    As low as 264.90
  4. Bolt Head Blaser R8 Mini
    Bolt Head Blaser R8 Mini
    As low as 264.90
  5. Receiver Blaser R8
    Receiver Blaser R8
    As low as 309.80
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