With the 9015 PCP air rifle, Anschütz offers a very capable platform with which can be competed at high level in many different sport shooting disciplines. It’s a well-thought out and meticulously engineered design with an incredible accuracy. And not only that, it is adjustable in so many ways, that it can be tailored to fit any posture and set up for any use.

The Anschütz philosophy

Anschütz is a well-known German arms manufacturer that has proven itself to be amongst the best during its existence, spanning more than a century and still going strong. The manufacturer is highly regarded for its well-developed engineering, sublimely machined parts, advanced trigger systems and extremely accurate barrels. Of course, Anschütz offers a wide range of rifles. Some are universal, but the manufacturer has a tendency to focus on specific uses and those rifles are usually very purpose built, without any compromises. A very good example of this fact is Anschütz completely ruling Olympic biathlon with their specialist biathlon rifles. When regarding this focus, it might be strange to think that Anschütz has chosen to make one air rifle to master multiple sport shooting disciplines; the 9015. It sounds like a terrible compromise, but when you think about it, it’s really quite logical. As every sport shooting discipline has the basic need for perfect accuracy, it makes sense to develop an extremely accurate base -the 9015 system- and build what’s needed for specific disciplines around that base, creating a very purpose-built line-up.

And so Anschütz focussed on developing a cleverly designed system, incorporating an action, barrel and trigger that are purely designed to offer the best accuracy possible. They did so without looking at it from a cost-effective or even esthetical perspective. An Anschütz 9015 really stands out by its ‘form follows function’ design, which has a certain charm of its own. This pure focus on performance is something Anschütz has earned its highly regarded reputation for accuracy with. They’re not aiming to be the biggest. They’re aiming to be the best, by making the best they can.

This is the Anschütz 9015 system

Anschütz already had very accurate PCP air rifles with their 9003 series, so it’s only logical they took that design as a starting point. Looking at it with the eye of both top competitive shooters and of experienced engineers and craftspeople, the system has been updated and revised. For instance, a lot of attention went into improving the airflow. Making the airflow as effortless and unobstructed as possible, the air will flow faster. This means the amount of time between pulling the trigger and the pellet/bullet leaving the barrel is reduced. The shorter this lock time -as it’s called- the less time there is for vibrations or muscle twitches from the shooter to disrupt the aim before the pellet has left the barrel. Even the hammer and valve are redesigned in order to minimise vibrations. In short, everything has been done to reduce vibrations and recoil to an absolute minimum. And Anschütz has done so to a point where you can virtually regard the 9015 system as recoilless. It’s quite an accomplishment when regarding the superior performance of the Anschütz 9015.

Also offering a substantial contribution to the very short lock time is the advanced trigger system, consisting of more than fifty precision machined parts. All of them checked for minimal tolerances, some of them hardened or polished. The 5056 4K trigger system is regarded as the very best trigger system for PCP air rifles. Light, clear in feedback, extremely fast and with a break crisp as glass – as the expression goes. The 2-stage trigger is fully adjustable. For example, the trigger weight can be adjusted between 30 and 170 grams and the length of the first stage can be adjusted in such a way, that reducing it to the end of its range, effectively converts the 2-stage trigger to a single stage one. The length of the second stage -or more accurate, the trigger stop- can be adjusted to. As for the trigger blade; it’s adjustable in fingers distance, height and even the angle, to cater for an optimum fit and feel.

When talking about performance, you’re talking about consistency. Every shot needs to be as consistent as possible in order to achieve ultimate accuracy. For this, the regulator system is optimised and, combined with the minimal tolerance with which the 9015 system is assembled, this has resulted in a very impressive consistency in pressure per shot. The difference in speed between pellets now is virtually negligible.

Of course, the best system in the world wouldn’t be worth anything without a highly accurate barrel and luckily, Anschütz excels at making these. The manufacturer is even regarded as one of the best in the world with barrels that will even be accurate at extreme low temperatures, courtesy of their biathlon research.

It’s not only the bore with its rifling that gets secure machining and finishing, the same goes for the fit into the action, the crown, the bluing. Every aspect gets undivided attention.

And there are more surprises when it comes to the Anschütz 9015 system. For instance, there’s an air filter to protect the refined mechanism against even the smallest of dust particles from the already very clean compressed air. And a maintenance-free stabiliser is built into the bolt system. There’s even a possibility for dry firing to enable dry firing training. For this, the only thing you need to do is to slide the Anschütz 9015 safety selector switch into the ‘safe’ position, cock the side lever and fire. These are all details that show to which lengths Anschütz has gone to really offer the best possible PCP air rifle. It also shows the insights needed to be competitive in the top of sport shooting.

The Anschütz 9015 is multidisciplinary

As you’ve read above, the Anschütz 9015 features a solid base for extreme accuracy. But equally important is what Anschütz has done to make optimum use of it in many different sport shooting disciplines like 10 metres, Field Target, Benchrest, et cetera. In countries where it’s permitted, the Anschütz 9015 can even be used for hunting.

Anschütz offers the 9015 in many different configurations, spread over six categories, containing multiple models:

  • 10M Standing Position
  • Benchrest
  • German Benchrest
  • 3-position
  • Target Sprint
  • Field Target

All models are designed to solely be used in a certain sport shooting discipline by constructing a multi-adjustable stock around the 9015 system. There are many differences between the models, but there are also some similarities. Take, for instance, the shoulder piece that is featured on many of the models. It’s adjustable in a way that it almost seems like you’re moulding clay. The shoulder piece can be adjusted to perfectly follow the curves of your shoulder, can be adjusted in height and can even be adjusted sideways. For this, the complete back-end of the stock can be adjusted sideways with a parallelogram construction ensuring a perfect alignment with the rest of the air rifle. It’s perfect for comfortable positioning your eye right behind the aiming device, with the adjustable cheek piece completing a perfect setup. In fact, there’s just nothing that can’t be adjusted.

Some models come with an adjustable hamster, another with a massive wooden stock with a flat underside. There are different trigger guards, different supports, et cetera. And for the disciplines that need them, Anschütz will include a refined diopter system of its own making, while the 9015 base also caters for a rifle scope for other disciplines.

How to choose the perfect Anschütz 9015
We can write a book with the many details that distinct the different Anschütz 9015 models from one and other. But what it comes down to, is the fact that Anschütz has a 9015 PCP air rifle on offer for every sport shooting discipline. And not only that, each and every model is specifically designed -to the last nut and bolt- for that specific discipline, while being adjustable to perfection. Not only performance wise, also ergonomically they feel tailor made.

We can understand the wide variety of Anschütz 9015 models and their seemingly endless adjustability can be a bit overwhelming. However, don’t despair, as our specialists can explain each and every detail to you in an understandable way. They can even show you. With their advice, it will be easy to choose the perfect Anschütz 9015 for your needs, ensuring you get the best out of your air rifle and yourself. And with that, to get the best out of sport shooting in general.

Best trigger

Consisting out of more than fifty carefully machined parts with -where needed- hardening and polished surfaces and even an axial ball bearing, the Anschütz 9015 trigger really is the best out there.

Fully adjustable

The Anschütz 9015 is designed to function without compromises. It’s adjustable in every way thinkable for ultimate perfection.

Ergonomical grip

The Anschütz 9015 grip isn’t just shaped ergonomically, it can be rotated, tilted and moved too.

Perfect aim

Naturally, you can mount a rifle scope, but for disciplines where a diopter set is needed, Anschütz includes one on the 9015 models that are specifically designed for that discipline.

Removable air cylinder

The air cylinder can be taken of, meaning it can be switched rapidly during competition without wasting time or focus on re-filling. An integrated pressure gauge lets you know the remaining pressure in the blink of an eye.

An accurate system

Every Anschütz 9015 model is built around the extremely accurate 9015 system, featuring a refined recoilless action and Anschütz’s highly praised precision barrel.

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