The Anschütz 1761 is a reliable workhorse. An accurate and very practical small bore rifle from a good breeding that has earned the affection and admiration of many sport shooters and hunters alike. It’s highly accurate, reliable and above all: delightfully no nonsense.

Anschütz stands for quality

The respectable German brand oozes craftmanship, which can clearly be seen in the engineering involved and pure quality of their rifles. Each and every Anschütz 1761 is built with great care by craftspeople, using cleverly designed and precision machined parts. It’s a timeless design, and a fusion between the Anschütz 54 and 64 rimfire rifles. Taking the best of both and redeveloping them into a reliable, extremely accurate and very practical tool for both hunting and sports.

Why buy an Anschütz 1761?

The advantage of being a cross breed between two successful models is that the best of both can be taken and a fresh eye can be cast to look for possible improvements. This can only result in perfection, as every part has gotten a lot of attention. Take -for instance- the receiver, where a flat bottom with a recoil lug makes for a perfect fit with a healthy spread of load. Anschütz is quite fond of making things not more complicated than they ought to be. Thus, they opted for an 11 mm dovetail instead of a mounting plate to which scope mounts can be attached. That would only mean stacking up parts, adding more tolerance where it shouldn’t. However, there is a notch at the rear of the receiver for those who prefer to mount a Weaver/Picatinny base with locking pin. 

As for the bolt, it’s a self centering symmetrical one with three locking lugs and a practical short 60 degrees throw. A tight tolerance and even the use of a ball bearing makes the bolt extremely smooth and very light in use, even though quite a heavy spring is used for a forceful strike of the firing pin. Also responsible for the incredible smoothness is the QPQ surface treatment (quench-polish-quench) that not only leaves the surface mirrorlike, but also adds a hardness for increased abrasion resistance, durability and corrosion resistance.

The smart design and minimal tolerances of the parts make the Anschütz 1761 barely susceptible to jamming. The ejecting system too, is well thought out. Taking into account that between ammunition manufacturers, there can be differences in rim thickness. Anschütz prides itself with the fact that the 1761 isn’t ammo fussy.

An Anschütz 1761 is very accurate

It’s a well-known fact that Anschütz produces some of the most accurate barrels around and the ones on the 1761 series are right up there. Previously, Anschütz used a press-fit for the barrels, but the 1761 features a V-block system that makes changing the barrel a breeze. After changing the barrel, nothing needs to be changed or replaced, even the same bolt can be maintained.

Anschütz 1761: the workhorse

How technically advanced, accurate and refined the Anschütz 1761 might be, at the end of the day it’s a real workhorse. Its design can be described as form born out of function and its low weight makes the 1761 nice to handle and very comfortable to carry with you. There are multiple configurations of this rifle available with lots of different stock options.

The single row 5 shot magazine is easy to take out as you only need to push your trigger finger forward to activate the magazine release latch. And a big knurled knob lets you operate the safety comfortably with your thumb. When operated in a controlled manner, this can be done silently, which helps you when hunting. At the rear of the receiver, a protruding indicator pin will let you know when the rifle is cocked.

Buying an Anschütz 1761

We’ve got multiple Anschütz 1761 models in stock in our store, and of course you can check them in our online shop too. If you do happen to be in the Netherlands, feel free to pay us a visit to have a look and feel for yourself how perfectly balanced they are. Our experts will happily answer any of your questions.

Legendary bolt

Bolts as smooth and light as the one on the Anschütz 1761 are a rare delight. It even features a ball-bearing and has a short 60 degrees throw.

Refined trigger

The Anschütz 1761 has a refined, smooth and crisp trigger. It’s an ingenious system consisting of more than fifty parts.

Accurate barrel

Anschütz produces its own barrels and the German manufacturer is known to make some of the best out there. The 1761 barrel is easy to change too.

Robust shoulder pad

The Anschütz 1761 features a solid rubber shoulder pad that absorbs a decent amount of the small bore recoil and provides a good grip on your shoulder.

Clear indicator

Very well visible at the rear of the receiver, the red indication pin will protrude when the rifle is cocked.

Sturdy magazine

The Anschütz 1761 magazine has a robust stainless-steel housing and a weather resistant, shockproof synthetic base. To release the magazine, you only need to point forward with your trigger finger.

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