The Air Venturi Avenger has surprised a lot of people. It’s a competitively priced starter segment PCP, that nevertheless offers high-end performance. Its accuracy matches that of high-end PCP air rifles, making it very popular.

Daarom wil je een Air Venturi Avenger

An Air Venturi Avenger isn’t a match PCP air rifle, but its accuracy however does come really close. That fact alone makes it a very interesting airgun, but what is even more interesting is the price. It’s priced to be competitive in the starter segment and for that money, you’ll buy a PCP that really should belong in the higher end of the scale when it comes to its abilities.

Looking at its basic construction and its position in the budget end of the market, the Air Venturi Avenger is an attractive airgun for those who are looking for their first PCP air rifle. It’s priced for half or even a third of what the high-end models would cost. But where other budget PCP’s generally offer what you pay for, the Air Venturi Avenger is really a cut above the rest. It even embarrasses some of the high-end PCP air rifles, as for what it costs, it really shouldn’t perform as well as it does.

Why’s the Air Venturi Avenger so accurate?

A large part of the Air Venturi Avenger’s accuracy is down to the excellent barrel. Just a handful of manufacturers offers really outstanding barrels and while the Air Venturi Avenger isn’t really a top-segment air rifle, its barrel does come close. And normally, you see a clear split between barrels that perform well with pellets and ones that do well with slugs. The barrel of the Air Venturi Avenger however, seems to do well with both. It’s not really fussy about the ammo given, although it does have its preferences in brands and models of pellets and slugs, just like any other air rifle.

But it’s not only the barrel that helps the Air Venturi Avenger being as accurate as it is. It’s also the adjustable regulator and the adjustable hammer spring preload. By adjusting the regulator, you can adjust the power of every shot. And it enables you to fire multiple shots with the same power. An unregulated PCP air rifle, will see its power drop as the pressure in the air reservoir slowly lowers. So, a regulator gives you more consistent shots per fill and consistency is key when it comes to accuracy. And by changing the hammer spring preload, you can change the amount of time the valve stays open. The harder you hit it with the hammer, the longer it stays open, letting air push against the pellet or slug for a longer time and vice versa.

How to adjust the Air Venturi Avenger

To perfectly adjust and finetune your Air Venturi Avenger, you’ll need a chronometer. It’s an optical sensor that lets you measure the speed of pellets and slugs. By noticing the difference in speed, you can see the effect of the adjustments you’ve made.

Normally, we suggest opening the regulator fully and start measuring the projectile speed. You jot down the speeds with the accompanying pressure, which will slowly lower as the air reservoir will drain shot after shot.

At one point, you’ll notice the speed will level itself within a certain area of pressure. This is the pressure at which you can set the regulator as a good starting point. After this, you’ll turn the hammer spring preload to its minimum and start chronoing again, while slowly upping the preload. Here too, you’ll notice a certain optimum. It’s all not too difficult, it just takes patience as every time you adjust the regulator, you’ll need to adjust the hammer spring preload too. The required adjustments will differ, according to the sorts of pellets used and their weight. So write down your found optimum settings if you plan on using multiple types of pellets and slugs.

Shooting with an Air Venturi Avenger

You can use the Air Venturi Avenger with a magazine, but also with a single shot adapter or tray. The advantage of a magazine is obviously the ability to keep on shooting and thanks to the regulator, you can empty several magazines with a consistent pressure on one load of air. A single shot adapter is most often used in match shooting. When you use a magazine, there’s a slight chance of clipping the pellet or slug, which could result in a flyer. To minimise that chance, a single shot adapter is used where you load the pellet manually.

As the Air Venturi Avenger is amazingly accurate, you’ll probably start shooting at longer distances. When upping the distance, it’s advisable to attach a bipod to the Weaver/Picatinny accessory rail under the forend. This stable rest takes the load of the weight of the airgun, enabling your muscles to relax. This lets you concentrate on the micro movements your muscles need to make in order to aim accurately. Simply said, a bipod keeps the rifle still when aiming at longer distances.

Buying an Air Venturi Avenger

We stock a lot of different models of the Air Venturi Avenger series. For instance, you can choose for a wooden stocked Avenger or one with a maintenance-free synthetic stock. We also offer the compact Air Venturi Avenger bullpup. And of course, all models are available in different calibres, ranging from .177 (4.5 mm) to .25 (6.35 mm).
In our store, you can have a closer look and feel, while our experts are available for you to answer any remaining questions you have. It’s also possible to order an Air Venturi Avenger online in our webshop. We’ll securely pack the air rifle and have it delivered on your doorstep in no-time.

Barrel design

The barrel is fully shrouded, making it quieter and giving the Air Venturi Avenger a bit more body too. The cover protecting the Foster probe on the air cylinder is designed in such a way that it simulates the end of a barrel, making the Air Venturi Avenger looking like an over-and-under shotgun.

Adjustable trigger

When pulling the nice and light trigger, you definitely won’t notice this is a budget airgun. It’s adjustable too in trigger weight, trigger pull and breaking point.

Combined scope rail

By combining the Weaver/Picatinny rail for the rifle scope with an 11 mm dovetail rail, the Air Venturi Avenger offers you the possibility to use a wide range of mounts and scopes, without being restricted to one or the other.

Accessory rail

Just below the forend, the Air Venturi Avenger sports a Weaver/Picatinny accessory rail. It’s perfect for attaching a bipod to, but you can of course also use it for a light or laser instead.

Tune it yourself

It’s quite unheard of for a PCP air rifle in this budget range to have an adjustable regulator, let alone have the hammer spring preload adjustable too. With these adjustment options, you can finetune the Air Venturi Avenger perfectly to the weight of your chosen ammunition for optimal accuracy.

Ergonomic cocking lever

By making the knob of the cocking lever nice and long, you can keep your hand in shooting position while cocking the air rifle. This’ll let you keep your posture, making for a more consistent aim. The lever itself is light to operate and shows little to no play.

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