Rifle Case Plano All Weather 2 52" 130x35
269.85 326.52 (only EU countries)
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Rifle Case Plano All Weather 2 52" 130x35

269.85 326.52 (only EU countries)
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Product description

The Plano All Weather 2 52’’ 130x35 rifle case is the perfect way to safely transport your rifle. It features easy-to-pluck foam, allowing you to easily create space to put your rifle in. The interior of the rifle case has a foam layer, so your rifle can’t come into contact with the impact-resistant synthetic materials that the rifle case is made of. This All-Weather rifle case is entirely waterproof, thanks to the Dri-Loc rubber seal. Keep in mind that the seal works both ways, meaning water also cannot get out of the case. Never put your rifle in the case if it still has moisture on it.

The Plano rifle case is also perfectly suited for transporting your rifle if you’re going on an airplane. Because of the changing air pressure in an airplane, the rifle case might become vacuum sealed. You’d be unable to open it as a result. A pressure release valve on the front side of the case will allow you to break that vacuum. So, even after being on a flight, you can easily open the Plano All Weather 2 52’’ 130x35 rifle case.
There are two handles on the rifle case. One is placed on the long frontside and enables you to lift the rifle case in its entirety, while the other one is placed on the narrow side. That last handle in particular can be used in conjunction with the wheels on the bottom, allowing you to easily transport the Plano All Weather 2 52’’ 130x35 rifle case. The case can be locked using two clamps, which you can lock using a set of keys. You could also attach a padlock so you can even more safely transport your rifle.



i Product codePLA11852
TypeRifle case
Dimensions (cm)Outer: 135x43x17 (wxhxd)
Inner: 130x35x12 (wxhxd)
Weight (gram)9000


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