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  1. Battery Charger Titan Digital
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    Battery Charger Titan Digital
  2. Safety Bag Pirate Arms LiPo Guard
    In stock
    Safety Bag Pirate Arms LiPo Guard
  3. Battery Charger Nuprol Power LiPo Balance
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    Battery Charger Nuprol Power LiPo Balance
  4. Battery Charger Nimrod E4 LiPo/LiFe Balance
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    Battery Charger Nimrod E4 LiPo/LiFe Balance
  5. Battery Charger Nuprol Power Intelligent
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    Battery Charger Nuprol Power Intelligent
  6. Battery Charger Nuprol Power Compact NiMH
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    Battery Charger Nuprol Power Compact NiMH
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  7. Safety Bag Nuprol LiPo
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    Safety Bag Nuprol LiPo


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Battery chargers for all common batteries can be found in large stock both in our store and online. Batteries for airsoft are available in different types and per type the charging characteristics and charging methods are different. This means it’s often necessary to use a battery specific battery charger.

We supply battery chargers, suitable for the following batteries:

  • Ni-CD (nickel-cadmium)
  • Ni-MH (nickel-metal hydride)
  • Li-Po (lithium-polymer)
  • Li-Fe (lithium-ferro)
  • Li-ion (lithium-ion)
  • PB (lead)

Some battery chargers are intelligent, which makes them able to recognise the connected battery type and choose the according charging method. Other battery chargers are specifically meant for one battery type or a combination of battery types such as lithium-based batteries.

The difference is in the charging process. Nickle batteries are charged with constant current and variable voltage, while battery chargers for lithium batteries provide a constant current and constant voltage.

Battery chargers can be put into three categories:

  • Trickle chargers or slow chargers –charge with a small current, often not more than 10% of the battery capacity. Charging mostly takes 14-16 hours.
  • Normal chargers – take just 3-6 hours to charge a batterie and switch off when the charging process is completed.
  • Quick chargers or speed chargers – charge batteries with 100% of the battery capacity and keep the battery on trickle charge afterwards, sometimes there’s a reduced trickle charge for Ni-MH batteries.

It’s advised not to charge nickel batteries with trickle chargers, as they don’t stop charging which damages this type of battery. For these batteries, it’s better to use a normal charger that stops when the battery is full. Full batteries are best stored in a cool place and topped up just before use.

Battery chargers that can quick charge or speed charge will only do that for the for 70% -a Li-ion battery can reach that point within the hour- and after that start normal or trickle charging. Quick charging isn’t recommended for old batteries and batteries that already lost some of their potential.

Expertise and advice on battery chargers

Which battery charger is best suitable for the battery you are using? Is it advisable to use a Safety Bag? Our experts are glad to answer all your questions and help you find the right battery charger. You are more than welcome to visit our store and naturally, you can also reach us by phone or e-mail.

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