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When you’re involved in airsoft, a speedloader is an essential tool to rapidly load BB’s. While it is, of course, possible to fill BB’s by hand, it takes a lot of time and effort and often ends in BB’s all over the place. Manually loading a magazine will take you a second per BB, while a speedloader will help you complete the job in just seconds. Because the most commonly used BB’s are 6 mm and our large BB-assortment mainly consists of these, the speedloaders we sell are meant for 6 mm BB’s.

We offer multiple speedloaders in our store and online shop and these can be categorised into two groups:

  • Speedloaders to load a replica-revolver
  • Speedloaders to fill-up separate magazines

The former is not a speedloader as such, but more a cartridge holder that lets you insert dummy-cartridges into the drum of a revolver without the need to put them in one by one. The dummy-cartridges however, still need to be manually filled with a BB. Besides BB’s, you’ll need extra dummy-cartridges for this to have the actual advantage of speeding things up.

The latter is an actual speedloader as used for quickly filling magazines of replica rifles and replica pistols. Most often, they are dimensioned as a magazine (rifle, pistol or SMG) so they will be easy to carry around in a magazine pouch. These universal speedloaders are usually supplied with or have an integrated adapter so they will fit magazines with a recessed opening and those with an elevated one. Using them is fairly straightforward:

  1. On top of the speedloader you’ll find a lid or slide that can be opened for filling with BB’s. You can do this carefully out of a bottle or from your hand, but it’s also common practice to cut the end of a bag and carefully pour the BB’s in.
  2. After closing the filling opening, you unlock the pushbutton. This is an internal rod that will be pressed up by a spring. When pushing it back, four BB’s will be pressed out and into the magazine. Repeating this action (normal speed will be two or three times per second) will fill up your magazine rapidly, usually, in a tenth or less from the time it would have taken you otherwise.
  3. After the refill -a matter of seconds- you lock the pushbutton.

Depending on the chosen example, a speedloader can contain round a hundred up to several hundred BB’s. There’s even a type that can hold a thousand BB’s, though that one doesn’t work with a pushbutton but a winder. Some speedloaders have indication marks for the amount of BB’s left inside, others are transparent.

Piece of advice

Whatever questions you still might have about speedloaders, feel free to ask our experts. We do want to give you one piece of advice in advance though and that is to use a speedloader prior to participation in an event or during intermissions, but always make sure to have plenty of magazines by hand when in action as that’s still the quickest way to reload. We stock spare magazines for most contemporary airsoft replica’s.

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