Shell holders

Shell holders for reloading are simple tools, with quite an important function. They’ll keep cases firmly in place in a reloading press or case trimmer, while brute forces are let loose. There’ll be pushing, pulling and twisting and the case should stay put. How’s that for a simple piece of tooling… Read more


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    Shell Holder RCBS
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    Shell Holder RCBS Trim Pro


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What are shell holders?

A reloading shell holder is nothing more or less than a simple piece of precision machined and hardened steel, holding the case firmly in place in a reloading press or case trimmer. For both tools, the shell holders are shaped differently, but their purpose is exactly the same. The base of the case needs to be slid into the shell holder, after which it will be kept securely in place without being wobbly.

What makes good shell holders?

Good shell holders for reloading, such as the ones that we sell, will sit sturdy and without excessive play within a reloading press or case trimmer. They will hold the case firmly, also without any excessive play. It’s very important that the shell holders are durable, resisting wear for a very long time, as thousands upon thousands of cases will be slid in and out. And during the reloading process, a multitude of forces are released upon the humble shell holders, varying from pushing to pulling and even twisting. For this reason, our quality shell holders are made from hardened steel. This prevents premature wear, keeping a maximum consistency in the quality of your reloaded cartridges.

A good shell holder also has an outstanding finish. No sharp edges that could damage the case, no burrs or other imperfections that could hinder the process. Even with the smallest of tolerances, the case should slide in and out smoothly. Time and time again.

Buying shell holders

We’ve got loads of shell holders for sale. But which one do you need? Well, shell holders are identified with a number, they don’t feature a calibre marking. That might sound strange and confusing, but there’s a good reason for this. A shell holder can be suitable for different calibres that have the same base measurements. As you can imagine, a pistol cartridge and a bottleneck rifle cartridge with the same base dimensions, will have different calibres. That’s all there is to it.

To make it easy for you, the shell holders in our store all have a reference guide under the header ‘downloads’ when you click on the product. All shell holder numbers and their corresponding calibres are neatly arranged, so it’ll only take you a quick look to determine which number you need. Also, it’s good to know that on the box of your die set, the number of the shell holder that you’ll need is mentioned.

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