The FX Boss was the first commercially available .30 (7.62 mm) air rifle. In some countries, a big bore air rifle like this can be used for hunting on varmint and game, while sport shooters worldwide are blessed with this powerhouse to up their game at long distance shooting. An FX Boss can win matches right out of the box.

The idea for a long distance .30 PCP was floating around for some time at FX Airguns headquarters, but development was halted by one tiny, but not insignificant fact: there were no suitable pellets available. For this, FX Airguns asked JSB to work together and develop a suitable .30 pellet. Once that pellet became available, the FX Boss got its birthright.

Out of the box perfection
The power of the FX Boss, besides its actual power, is two-fold: firstly, it’s a PCP air rifle that is remarkably easy use. Don’t worry about dozens of adjustment options, as there are (almost) none. It’s perfect just as it is, right out of the box. Its accuracy is legendary and with that, we come to our second point: the FX Boss is perfect for long distance shooting. And not only because its power, the large calibre also helps with being less sensitive to wind and delivering a big hit on impact.

It’s worth noting that while there only was one specific pellet when the FX Boss first became commercially available, nowadays you’ve got a significantly wider choice of ammunition. And with slugs being thrown into the equation, the FX Boss has come to its own right even more. Slugs offer a better ballistic coefficient than diabolo pellets, meaning less drag and thus more speed and efficiency.

We mentioned it briefly already, but one of the things the FX Boss is well-loved for is its ease of use and one of the contributions to that is the fact it’s a very comfortable air rifle to hold. The beautiful and ergonomic thumbhole stock has a nice and stable feel to it and the cocking lever is positioned in such a way, that operation is intuitive and smooth while your hand can still rest on the stock to maintain your shooting stance. You can adjust the stock of the FX Boss for a perfect fit, by adjusting the butt stock and the cheek piece.

For a PCP air rifle of this calibre, the FX Boss is remarkably quiet. This is due to the use of a barrel sleeve that dampens quite some noise.

Regulated shots galore!
FX Airguns likes to do things their own way and has chosen to only use rifling at the very end of the barrel. This makes the barrel completely smooth the rest of its length, making for less friction. It’s a construction that has proven itself time and time again, as the FX Boss is well-known for shooting tight groups and for having an impressive consistency.

Contributing to this consistency is the internal regulator, that makes sure every shot gets the same amount of pressure. You can empty about five magazines before the pressure inside the air reservoir will drop below the regulated pressure.

Another part well-loved by FX Boss users is the trigger. The 2-stage FX Match trigger can be adjusted for both stages and can be made to feel incredibly light, while still providing a very crisp break. The feel of the trigger is really second to none.

An FX Boss a joy to use
As said, the FX Boss is an air rifle that doesn’t distract you with lots of adjustment possibilities. But that doesn’t mean you can’t finetune it to perfectly suit the ammunition of your choice. When you remove the stock, you can adjust the preload of the hammer spring, altering the time that the valve stays open. This helps you to adjust the FX Boss to match the weight of your pellets or slugs and perform at its best. But above all, an FX Boss is ready to use as soon as you pick it up in our store or when it’s delivered to your door. Just mount a rifle scope on the 11 mm dovetail rail, calibrate and you’re ready to go. The ease with which an FX Boss lets you shoot with extremely accuracy is legendary. It’s, without any fuss whatsoever, just a pure joy to use.

Smooth Twist barrel

The FX Boss barrel only has rifling in the end. The rest of the barrel is completely smooth, making for minimal friction and less distortion of the ammunition. It has proven to provide outstanding accuracy.

FX Match trigger

Just like other FX air rifles, the FX Boss features an FX Match trigger and this trigger is regarded by many as the best you can find on an air rifle. With two adjustable stages, a very light action and a crisp breaking point, this trigger will offer you a perfect feel of what’s happening.

Adjustable shoulder piece

As the FX Boss is a powerful big bore air rifle with a significant recoil, the shoulder piece is made of shock absorbing rubber. It’s adjustable in height to suit your posture and provide for the perfect shooting stance.

Pressure gauge

The easy-to-read pressure gauge of the FX Boss is discreetly and ‘bump safe’ (it is a precision instrument after all) recessed inside the underside of the fore end. A logical place, directly situated besides the filling point of the air reservoir.

500 cc reservoir

Having a reservoir for compressed air with a capacity of 500 cc that can be filled up to 250 bars, makes for an impressive supply of air inside the FX Boss. Combined with the internal regulator, this gives you an usefully high number of regulated shots per fill.

Cocking lever

FX has really put some serious thought into the cocking lever design. It’s light to operate and placed directly above the trigger. This means that your hand can still keep in contact with the stock while cocking, while you maintain your shooting stance.

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