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Reloading is gaining popularity in the world of hunting. Precision is one of the main reasons for hunters to start reloading. Especially long distance hunters can find in reloading that extra precision they are looking for by finding the perfect combination of the right bullet and powder charge. Especially the bigger choice in bullets than is on offer in standard ammunition is an important factor to start reloading.

Besides that, hunters that need or want to shoot without lead often choose to reload. Just as mentioned above, the greater choice in bullets than is on offer in standard ammunition is a big motivation to start reloading. For a manufacturer it’s only interesting to produce the most often used calibres with the most popular bullets. If you want anything else, reloading is your answer.

The same goes for rare or obsolete calibres, where you’re not exactly spoiled for choice. That is, if you have a choice at all. As cases can almost endless be re-used, you can still enjoy your old rifle by reloading. Reloading for hunting can be put down in roughly three categories:

  • Materials: these are all parts a cartridge is made of, being cases, primers, powder and bullets.
  • Tooling: meaning all the necessities needed to produce a complete cartridge. This are reloading trays, reload presses, but also case tumblers, powder dispensers, powder funnels and powder tricklers. Measuring tools, ammo boxes, media separators, ultrasonic cleaners, scales, dies, case trimmers, shell holders, shell plates and other tools complete the range.
  • Consumables: everything used in the reloading process that is consumed or needs to be replaced from time tot time, such as case grease, (cleaning) media and polishing compound.

Expert reloading advice

It’s not very difficult to be a bit overwhelmed by the enormous amount of reloading products for hunting here at Krale. It starts with the materials used to create your perfect cartridge. Which bullet and which powder suits your needs best? What reloading press do you want to use and which dies do you prefer? Every step in de reloading process has different options and our reloading experts will be glad to help you make the right choice. Please feel free to ask them anything when visiting our store, give us a ring or send us an e-mail.