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  1. Dinner Drytech Chili con Carne
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    Dinner Drytech Real Turmat Chili con Carne


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Field meals

Field meals are not the first thing you associate with airsoft. More often than not eating is the last thing on your mind even though the right food will keep you sharp and provide necessary energy; two things you actually really need at airsoft. We supply two sorts of field meals:

  • Snacks, including energy bars in different variants such as muesli and chocolate and dried meat i.e. beef jerky that’s full of proteins
  • Meals such as breakfast, soup and complete dinners

All field meals are made with their nutritional value in mind, but that doesn’t mean what you’re about to eat is one of those extremely healthy yet totally tasteless and dry meals. Our field meals come from the Norwegian brand Drytech that has worked together for decades with the Norwegian army to produce healthy and lightweight energy-packed field meals where the only thing that will be removed is water.

The tasty field meals are prepared as a normal meal, after which they will be dried using a freezing process. This is how they do it: the field meals are frozen ultra-fast in a special freezing process. After this the meals are slowly heated in a vacuum chamber where the ice will directly turn to damp. Whatever water will be left after that will be removed by heating on a higher temperature. The field meals are then vacuum packed in an atmosphere without water or oxygen. This method is said to be one of the best ways to preserve food, keeping the nutritional value nearly as high as when is fresh. It’s also the best way to carry food as compact and light as possible.


When preparing our field meals, the Drytech REAL On The Go snacks are the easiest as these in-between snacks are ready for use but the Drytech REAL Turmat field meals need water. When preparing the muesli, you can use both hot and cold water but the other meals need hot water between 70 and 100 degrees Celcius. You can tear the package open at the indicated point, fold it open so it can stand or lean by itself and fill to the indication line with hot water. Stir a bit to make sure all dry food is sufficiently wet and leave for a given amount of minutes. After that, you can tear the package at a lower point and your meal is ready. You’ll notice the frost drying method will have preserved not only the nutritional value, but also the texture and taste.

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