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Airsoft Gas

Airsoft Gas is used as a power source in airsoft replica’s. The advantage of Gas compared to electrical replica’s (AEG’s) is the fact recharging is done in seconds, rather than hours. Also there’s no need for an electrical charging point in events that last multiple days. Besides that, a Gas powered airsoft replica is much simpler in construction. There’s no wiring, no gearbox and thus fewer parts than can break. Another advantage that airsoft Gas offers is the fact there’s no large mechanism that needs to be hidden, resulting in very realistic replica’s.

The use of Gas brings the possibility of having GBB (Gas Blowback), and option that many manufacturers now include in their airsoft replica’s. A small amount of Gas is released, mimicking the recoil effect and giving a very realistic feel.

Airsoft Gas is also known by the name Green Gas, although this is just one of the many types available. The Gas consists mainly of propane with a small amount of silicone oil that helps to keep your O-rings soft and healthy while lubricating some of the moving parts.

While different manufactures use different names for the different types of Gas on offer, there’s some uniformity in the use of colours of the bottles:

  • Green: Green Gas is the most used variety with propane and silicone oil. The power of Green Gas normally falls inside the limits of most sites. Green Gas can be used in spring, summer and fall, but its power significantly drops when the temperature outside gets colder than chilly.
  • Red: Red gas is also propane with silicone oil, but under a higher pressure. Often ethane is added. It’s very important to know your airsoft replica is built to resist the greater power. Besides more power and with that a greater reach, Red Gas has another advantage and that’s its suitability for lower temperatures. It’s still powerful when cold and only starts to be less effective round freezing point.
  • Black Black Gas contains the same ingredients as Red Gas -although not necessarily in the same quantities- and has an even greater pressure. Black Gas is very suitable for snipers and can often be used in winter too.


Besides the previously mentioned types of Gas there’s another type that needs to be mentioned; maintenance Gas. This type of Gas is comparable with standard Green Gas in power, but features a higher quantity of silicone oil to provide some extra lubrication for your airsoft replica. It protects metal parts from corrosion and keeps O-rings soft. It’s advised to use maintenance Gas once in every ten magazines.