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Airsoft rifles can be found in all shapes and sizes at Krale.shop and of course in our Staphorst based store. Airsoft rifles are also known as airsoft replica’s or BB guns and they’re realistic looking replica’s of real weapons, but in this case the fire plastic balls called BB’s.

In some cases airsoft rifles are licensed by well known arms brands, meaning even the smallest details are factory spec and externally these airsoft rifles can’t be distinguished from the original. These airsoft rifles are interesting for the real aficionados and collectors. Popular platforms for airsoft rifles are among others:

Airsoft rifle powering

Airsoft rifles are available as single shot bolt action, semi automatic and semi/fully automatic and they can be powered with different power sources and mechanisms:

  • AEG’s (Airsoft Electric Gun) feature a spring that is cocked with an electromotor.
  • HPA (High Pressure Air) is compressed air that can be stored in an internal reservoir in the airsoft rifle that is filled with an external compressed air bottle, but the external bottle can also be attached with a tube to the airsoft rifle while carrying the bottle in a backpack.
  • Gas is a mixture of gas in liquid form and is often named ‘green gas’. It’s a bit cheaper than CO2, but is less powerful and performs less at lower temperatures although some sorts come close to CO2 now. We advice to keep a Gas-reservoir slightly filled after use as the gas contains lube that keeps O-rings from drying out.
  • CO2 cartridges are powerful and work well at lower temperatures.

Airsoft rifles that are powered by air or gas have the advantage that models can be designed having GBB (Gas Blow Back), creating a recoil effect. It takes a bit more gas or air, but adds significantly in realistic experience.