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Airsoft pistols and revolvers are well stocked in our Staphorst based Store and of course online. We offer all platforms and all power sources. Our impressive display gives you the possibility to, when visiting us, to hold the pistols and revolvers and feel how they suit you. For all of those not based in the Netherlands we try to provide as much information as possible in the specifications for you to make a well informed choice.

Most popular power sources are CO2 and Gas. CO2 is supplied in cartridges that can easily be placed and switched while the more powerful Gas comes in canisters with which you refill your airsoft pistol or revolver.

In many disciplines, an airsoft pistol or revolver makes a perfect choice:

  • Skirms: Pistols and revolvers are most often used in skirms as a side arm for use in small enclosures where restricted space makes rifles difficult to use. Besides that, airsoft pistols and revolvers are simply very useful as back-up.
  • Parcours: The use of pistols is often seen in the Parcours discipline, also known as IAPS (International Airsoft Practice Shooting) and comparable with IPSC in sport shooting. In a short amount of time, as many targets as possible have to be hit with a high score. Besides an airsoft pistol, three magazines and an IAPS-approved holster are needed.
  • Paper target: Just as in sport shooting, it’s possible to shoot on targets from a fixed distance. It’s advisable to choose a pistol or revolver with adjustable hop-up as accuracy is key.
  • Speedsoft: within airsoft, speedsoft leans a bit more towards paintball and laser gaming when it comes to speed and tactics. Light airsoft replicas are used, making pistols and in a way also revolvers very suitable. The weapon of choice often is a pistol with hi-cap magazine.

Pistol/revolver collectors

Airsoft pistols and revolvers are very popular with gun collectors as many of the pistols and revolvers are fully licensed by the original manufacturer, meaning on the outside they look exactly like the original. Collectors who just collect and aren’t really interested in shooting find in airsoft pistols and revolvers a way more affordable alternative that also comes with a lot less legislation issues as an airsoft pistol or revolver is principally the same as a deactivated gun.