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Bows and crossbows are readily available in all sorts and sizes for both recreational as sports use. You’ll find we have a large assortment in our webshop and of course everything can be found in our store too.

Bows come in three different formats:

  • Conventional: a conventional bow as everybody knows them. Made of wood, plastic or metal -sometimes a laminate- and not much more. The string can be extended extremely far.
  • Recurve: this bow can be recognised when looking at the ends of the limbs that are curved forward and release more energy than a conventional bow, meaning a recurve bow produces more power and velocity. The string has a maximum pulling length in which it is effective. Often a recurve bow can be dismantled for compact transportation. It has the advantage of being very light and simple in construction. The limbs mostly are made of glass fibre, carbon and word, often as a laminate.
  • Compound: a bow made out of lots of different components that uses cables and pullies to draw the string to the right tension. This has the advantage that drawing is very light, especially in the last phase when a compound bow is significantly lighter than a recurve bow. This means stiffer limbs can be used that can produce a lot more energy, resulting in more power and higher speeds that increase reach. A light draw and better aiming aids often mean a better accuracy.

Crossbows are also available in three formats: recurve crossbow, compound crossbow and pistol crossbow. The first two crossbows have the same characteristics as their bow counterparts and the pistol crossbow can be seen as the mini version of the recurve crossbow, being very lightweight and easy to cock.

Archery necessities

Besides bows and crossbows we also supply a large selection of archery accessories. We sell arrows for both bow and crossbow, including the short arrows as used in pistol crossbows. We also have targets target cores and target faces on offer.